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Aanand Turns One Year Old!!

Our handsome little boy turned one year old on October 14th. We bought lots of new dresses and toys for our pumpkin pie. I baked apple cake (with very little sugar) and Skandha relished it. Needless to say he was hyper through out the day ;)

Happy first birthday dear son. We wish you a long, healthy and happy life :) We pray the almighty to shower his choicest blessings on you. We are enjoying every moment of our time with you. We cherished your baby phase and are now getting geared up to enjoy the toddlerhood :)

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Wishing you lots of happiness all around the year and all through the years!!

Skandhu had his 12th month doc visit. Skandhu is growing up very well and doing really great! His Ped noticed Skandhu’s fine and gross motor activities as he played with the toys in the doctor’s office. His Ped mentioned that Skandhu is doing the activities which a 15 month old child would try to do!!!! Oh boy! We were on cloud nine :)

Skandhu got 4 shots. This time it was in his arms and not in thighs. The nurses asked us to make him sit on our lap and hold him tight and within a minute, they gave 4 shots..! It was so quick that Skandhu didnt even realise what was happening :D

We discussed about temper tantrums with the doctor. His Ped mentioned that 1 to 2 years is the peak period for temper tantrums :P   This is the phase when toddlers would learn about the world around them and they would find every single thing to be interesting :) We need to give them freedom to explore and learn… “Playing is learning” in toddlerhood! At the same time we as parents must be firm and say NO to things related to baby’s safety issues!

We are really excited about our boy’s toddler phase! Yup… we know this is gonna be challenging and would definitely test our patience :D Cant wait to enjoy our time with our busy toddler :)

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