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Aanand’s Ayush Homam and Star Birthday Celebrations!!!

We celebrated Aanand’s star birthday today by performing Ayush Homam at Aanand Nivas – our home, sweet home :) We wanted to perform Aanand’s Ayush homa soon after his 1st birthday (14th Oct). But our achar advised us that it would be great if we performed the ayush homam on Skandhu’s star birthday. We gladly agreed.

Today being his star birthday, we performed ganapathi pooja, navagraha pooja and ayush homam. I made rava kesari for neivedhyam.

Aanand's Ayush Homam and star birthday celebrations

Aanand's Ayush Homam and star birthday celebrations

Skandhu enjoyed seeing the fire from the homa, flowers arranged for the pooja and was on the whole very thrilled. He sat on his dad for some time and participated in the homam :)

As the achar was chanting the mantras, our little one joined him. Skandhu was blabbering/humming & making sounds which just matched perfectly with the achar’s notes!! Achar got excited and he started saying the mantras looking at Skandha. Our little boy didn’t give up. He also looked at achar and continued with his blabbering :lol: It was pure fun to watch!

Achar praised Skandhu for being a very good boy through out the pooja & homam. He even asked us to take dhristhi, to ward off the evil eyes :)

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  1. Good…Appreciate the kid..Blesses to him….I am scared how my little angel is going to react during her ayush homam on aug3rd..Bit excited…

    • Thanks for blessings :)

      Your LO will do very well too. Relax and have fun :) Birthday wishes and blessings to your lil girl!

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