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Our busy toddler’s activities at 13 months!!

Our super busy toddler is in a climbing spree. Climbs sofa, chaise, bed and chairs!! He knows how to get down too. Still I get mini heart attacks. Wondering why? Though he perfectly climbs up and down the upholstery, he never misses to play his antics. He would try to jump off the sofa head down or jump from sofa to chair or sit at the edge of the sofa and play with his toy… ahh!!

Skandhu doesn’t allow bapa to hug amma :lol: Big J , Big J!! Skandhu promptly pulls me away when dear hubby hugs me ;) Sometimes bapa tries to aggravate his  J by saying “Maja amma!”. Boy… can see tons of emotions in his face! He would cry, pout and shout.

These days if he doesn’t listen to what ever we say (like not eating his dinner), hubby pie would try to trigger him by stating – “OK amma is going to feed bapa now”. Next minute LO would come  to the dining table. Nice strategy :)

Sitting on the stairs

Sitting on the stairs

We have bought a lego truck. Skandhu loves to play with the blocks. He even builds a tower of 2-3 blocks.

Building tower with lego blocks

Building tower with lego blocks

Skandhu plays with mini piano/xylophone. Everyday I would make him sit with me and play rhymes in the piano & xylophone.

Mommy’s Tip: I would recommend this toy for toddlers. This mini xylophone cum piano (from little tikes) comes with the piano notes for four different rhymes – Row, row, row your boat, Twinkle twinkle, where is thumbkin & Mary had a little lamb.

I sit near Skandhu and play the tunes. Skandhu shows great interest in listening to my tunes. He also presses the strings and has started to realise that he is making some music from this toy!

Playing xylophone piano

Playing xylophone piano

Every day, during our snack time, I make Skandhu sit on his chair and feed fruits. I sit near him (in the dining table) along with the cutting board, peeler and knife and both of us enjoy our healthy snack. When ever I take the cutting board, Skandhu comes near me, opens his mouth and says “aaaa… mumum”. Funny! I have to lift him and show that am cutting veggies for dinner and not apples/pears/watermelon. Skandhu demands – show me the proof :D

Mommy’s Tip: How to make toddlers eat fruits and vegetables? Eat with them! Actions speak more than words. Make it a point to have at least one meal (either lunch/dinner) with your kid. Show your interest in eating vegetables. Toddlers would imitate everything you do. If you relish fruits and vegetables, so would your child.

Skandhu talks a lot. He makes lots of new sounds. The fun is he wakes up in the night, takes his milk and starts blabbering. Though its so cute to hear his words, its really tiresome to listen to his talks in the middle of the night. Well he still wakes up 3-4 times in the night. Guess he would always be a new born in terms of sleep… huh!

We are visiting India in another 4 days. Hoping that flight travel and jet lag doesn’t worsen his sleep schedules!

PS: We are going on a vacation trip to India. Would be back to blogging after our vacation!

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