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Our trip to Hospital on Diwali!

This Diwali was not fun! Skandha had terrible cold!! On Diwali eve, he started developing fever. We gave infant Tylenol and put him to sleep. Due to congestion in the nose, Skandhu couldn’t sleep and was crying to glory. We did all that we could do. But little one was crying uncontrollably and worsened his health. On Friday morning, as we tried giving his next dose of medicine, Skandhu threw up! He refused to take food not even milk! He was clinging to me and whining. I called the doctor’s office and scheduled an appointment. Dear hubby came early from his work and we went to the doctor’s place.

This was the first time that we took Skandhu to his ped other than his monthly doctor’s visit!!

His ped examined Skandhu and said that he had No ear infection and No throat infection. Skandhu was crying and pushing away the doctor and hence his doc couldn’t hear his chest properly. He said that he didn’t want to miss out anything and just to be on safer side, advised us to take chest X-ray!

From the doctor’s office we headed straight to the hospital. The radiologist made Skandhu sit on a high chair and tied his hands to the chair. Ah… tears ran down our eyes, but we consoled ourselves. I wore x-ray proof jacket and stood beside Skandhu trying to distract him. Must thank the radiologist, she finished the job quickly and we came out of the room in less than 2 mins!

We waited in the lobby praying the almighty not to trouble our LO. His ped called us to inform that his chest x-rays looked great!! No infection and no fear of pneumonia. Huh… what a relief.

Doctor said that the fever could be because of his body fighting against the cold or maybe he is learning a new activity or maybe just that he got frightened of something!! First 2 reasons are unavoidable, but the last one is what confusing us! We don’t blast TV, we don’t argue/fight before the child and Skandhu has gotten used to the cooker/dishwasher/vacuum sounds. Last week we had the lawn movers cleaning away the dry leaves making huge noise. Maybe that had frightened him? God knows!

After 4 days of clingy-ness, today his temperature has come down. Still has bad cold and running nose. Poor kid is not eating anything that’s bothering me like hell!! Praying that this phase passes soon and our little kiddo gets active again with his usual naughtiness.

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