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Our twin boys are one year old!

Our twin boys turned one on 17th May 2014. Time files! This past year was definitely a roller coaster ride for us! Yay! we pulled it through :)
Now at 12 months the boys are

  • Walking! They started cruising around 8 months and now they are walking independently.
  • Switched to “adult” food.
  • Making lots of 2/3 syllable sounds and few meaningful words like amma, bapa, mum-mum, hi and tata
  • Switched to whole milk from formula

and….. most importantly….

Bid good-bye to BOTTLES! Yes, our toddlers are completely hooked to their sippy cups :) While Aadhu stopped bottles by 11 months, Aadhi was stubborn that he would not take sippy. Our consistent effort or seeing his twin brother take sippy, don’t know which one did the trick but he surprised us by graciously accepting the sippy cup just 3 days after he turned 1! Three cheers to all of us :)


Thanks: Thanks:

Wishing you lots of happiness all around the year and all through the years!!

Aadhav (Aadhu/chinnu): Aadhu, you are ditto of your elder brother. Whether crossing milestones or learning things you do it exactly the way Skandhu did. You are super smart and a quick learner! As much as I enjoy and admire you am equally tired and exhausted seeing you constantly cry and whine! I understand that you have separation anxiety but at the same I cannot be omnipresent all the time and I need to attend to your brothers too! I seriously hope that you overcome the separation anxiety and become a happy baby soon :) Love you very much!

Aadith (Aadhi/puttu): Aadhi, your laid back yet stubborn character impresses me! So far you seem to be totally different from your brothers except that you are a people person just like Skandhu. Your elder brother calls you “Rowdy boy” lol and you cheer-lead his monkey activities :P I am totally amused at the way you can make me smile even after driving me nuts! When am super irritated with your “I will do it my way” attitude (wait a min, am i talking about a baby/ a teen?!) , you constantly try to catch my attention by flashing smiles and with your silly gestures and then try to change my mood by grinning and laughing!! You better fall in line, mommy is getting stricter ;)

Aadhu & Aadhi, we are looking forward to enjoying your toddler days! :)

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  1. Aww! Birthday wishes to the lil ones and how is the big brother doing?

    • Thanks Vinitha. Skandhu is doing great! He is pretty excited to start Jr Kindergarten this year :) Hows your LO doing?

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