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Skandhu becomes a Batman – Happy Halloween!!

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Halloween!! What’s your Halloween costume this year?? Our Little toddler turned as “Batman”  :) We celebrated the Halloween party at our neighborhood. Our community had organized Halloween party for kids (under 10 years). It was so much fun. Skandhu wore his batman dress to the party! He was amazed looking at the kids wearing ghostly/funny costumes :D

Halloween costume - baby batman

Halloween costume - baby batman

Halloween costume - batman

Halloween costume - batman

There were lots of games, magic show, puppet show, halloween crafts and of course refreshments too. We all had a blast!

Skandhu got a colouring book, coupons from Ben & Jerry’s [yay!! mommy will use them this year :mrgreen: ], a certificate for celebrating safe Halloween and…. need I say??? Yes!! lots of candies :)

As I type this, I hear the door bell ringing… Kids are here for the trick or treat :) Got to go…see ya later!!!

PS: We have not yet started giving sweets/candies/sugary snacks to Skandha!! We gave the Halloween treats to all the kids in the party :)

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