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Beating the blues!

Last two weeks were miserable! Skandhu was teething big time. His pre molars have erupted out. Wants to bite/chew everything that he sees and the consequence – Diarrhoea and vomiting! He had loose stools for almost 3 days. I called the doctor’s office and our nurse assured us that its quite normal for the toddlers to have diarrhoea and vomiting while teething or due to stomach upset. She asked us to monitor him for signs of tiredness/fever.

  • If toddlers have diarrhoea along with fever (temp more than 101F) and/or
  • If your toddler has passed watery stools more than 10-15 times, then they need immediate medical help.

Thankfully Skandhu didn’t have fever nor did his poop count exceed 10. I was trying to keep him hydrated with water/pedialyte/milk. Our nurse advised us to give milk in case LO refuses to take water/pedialyte. She also insisted giving food in small quantities. She had suggested to give – rice, rice based cereal, apple, carrots, milk etc that would be light on his tummy.

Skandhu’s appetite had gone down and he was completely on milk for 2-3 days! After every feed, he would either poop or throw up. It was so difficult for me to see him suffer and clean up the mess! With carpets, cleaning the mess was a humongous task!

Since Skandhu didn’t have temperature, he was up and running, though not like his usual self. I kept him engaged with books and toys. As per the nurse’s advice, I kept feeding him in small quantities and at regular intervals. Not to forget gave him lots of fluids.

After 3 days of diarrhoea and vomiting, Skandhu developed some eye infection. It seemed like pink eye! Huh!! Again had to call the doctor’s office. Since the infection was very mild, we applied eye drops (meant for reducing irritation). Within 2 days, Skandhu recovered from the eye infection.

Just when we thought everything was al-right, I got conjunctivitis. Lack of sleep and exhaustion brought in fever and throat pain. Been a week now, fever has reduced but am yet to recover from throat pain and cold! All of us a had a rough time sailing through the illness.

On the positive side:  Skandhu now understands complex sentences that we speak. We read lots of books (his books, magazines etc). He points out animals in the magazine. He correctly points most of the animals like cow, goat, sheep, pig, cat(his fav), dog, duck, horse, bear, elephant and even kangaroo :) [will upload the video in my next post]

He knows A stands for apple, B for ball and C for car :) We are in the process of potty training Skandhu. Every time we change his diaper, we say he has done pee-pee or poo-pee and soon he must start using the potty everyday. One fine day bapa asked him P for ? Rite came the answer – pee-pee :D

We were watching barney on TV and barney was talking about various birds. Skandhu was watching the show with great interest. He learnt about the birds and their sounds. As usual as we were teaching him K for kitten, Skandhu looked at us and said Cukkoo. We were amazed at how our little chap relates sounds with words at 16 months!! Though cuckoo doesn’t start with K, its was so nice to see him relate the sounds :)

Mommy’s Tips: We introduced “Alphabet Song” by Barbara Milne to our LO at around 10 months. He loves the song. As Barbara sings “Apple apple – a a a”, Skandhu joins her and loves singing the song :)

Our hero’s latest stunts – climbing and sitting on the potty.

Do you remember Skandhu climbing on the step stool to reach mommy’s laptop?

Standing on a plastic container

Standing on a plastic container

I hid the step stool to save my laptop. Least did I know that my brat would use a plastic container as his step stool to pull mommy’s poor lappy!! Wondering  where he got the container? My bad! I had left the pantry door ajar and our smarty made good use of it!

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  1. herculian task.

  2. Skandhu,you are very intelligent, clever and genius because, 16 months old baby cannot able to tell p for pee-pee and k for cuckoo (relating sound word) no doubt, you are genius. keep it up Skandhu. god bless you and our blessings to you.

  3. hi
    Loved your skandu space. And thanks for dropping by.

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