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Passing the cold ?!

Skandhu gave ‘IT’ to amma. Amma passed IT to bapa. Bapa was generous to share it with both amma and Skandhu. Again Skandhu threw IT to amma and she kicked IT back. ‘IT ‘is the nasty cold that we are playing with! All of us had complete check up. Happy part is that Skandhu is all well. No sign any infection, no flu and no strep throat. Sad part is that no antibiotics could be prescribed for cold and his body has to learn to fight cold. Which means stuffed nose, sleepless nights, clingyness would continue for some more days… Huh, the saga continues!!

We went to little H’s 2nd birthday party. Skandhu for the time saw kids jumping on the inflatable pillow. We let him play for sometime. All the kids were older than him and were jumping to glory. Skandhu was looking at them and enjoying but didn’t stay in the jumping pillow for long. Back home, we found Skandhu trying out unusual thing. He was doing sit-ups or rather half sit-ups. We didn’t understand what he was trying to do! He continued doing the funny sit ups with a big smile on his face. He was trying to show that he has learnt something new. It took us long to figure out that he was trying to JUMP!! Boy we had a nice laugh!

Kids usually start jumping any time after 18 months. Our LO has been trying hard to jump and he started to do that at around 16.5 months!

Now at 17 months, Skandha has more than 30 words in his vocabulary. He forms sentences like – bapa office car (bapa goes to office in car), pajje dhudhu ( i want milk), amma pee-pee (amma is in rest room).

Skandhu grabs any word that has  “O”/”U” sound like – Moo, Shoe (he says shuoo), Toes (he says twos), Nose (Neeew). Its fun to hear him speak :)

Skandha loves to see Elmo and Barney videos. Both are his favourite characters!

Skandhu loves to build tower with lego blocks! He can stack 12-13 blocks!!  He likes to stack every single thing that he sees. Now his favourite pass time is to build tower with kitchen containers :)

Playing with kitchen containers.

Dining table is Skandhu’s race track. All his cars fly on the table hitting dishes :D

For the last couple days, weather has been gud and we are enjoying some fresh air! Cant wait to start our fun in the sun series this year!! Keep checking out :)

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  1. Very interesting to watch skandhu’s kurumbugal…. keep continuing the same and we expect more and more from Uuuuuuuuuuuuu………… V miss u a lot……………………

  2. arumbagha erukkaiel kurumbugal karumbagha erukkum

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