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Skandhu at 15 months!!

Its been almost a month since I posted here. Guess you know the reason! Yup, my adorable dictator keeps me on my toes :) His latest stroke of genius? Playing catch-catch with mommy. When ever I call him for bath or diaper change, he promptly runs away waiting for me to catch him! Needless to say I’m super tired..!!

At 15 months, our son had around 20 words in his vocabulary!! Skandhu can imitate animal sounds. He knows what cow/sheep/goat/duck/bee/horse says! Thanks to Old McDonald song :)

Mommy’s Tip: The only way to teach/make your toddler speak is – Keep talking with them!! Read books together, sing rhymes together and talk with them looking into their eyes. Do not use baby language. Talk with babies/toddlers just the way you do with elders. Using baby language may delay their speech.

If your toddler says app-pu for apple, do not try to change him too often. At the same time you keep saying the word correctly. Toddlers imitate elders. Very soon he would know that its not app-pu but he should pronounce the word just the way mommy says – apple :)

Skandhu climbs on all furnitures and shows his “curious George” stunts :D He is not tall enough to reach dining/study table. But why should that stop him from exploring it??

Skandhu playing with mommy’s laptop!! He is trying to break it….!

Skandhu loves to feed himself. I encourage his interest by letting him eat (read play) by himself. I keep bite size pieces and he loves to gobble them :) I haven’t yet started to give fork/spoon, but he has mastered the art of eating without cutlery!!!

Mommy’s Tip: Encourage your toddler to feed by himself. This will help them improve their gross and fine motor skills. Also they will enjoy eating :) Don’t worry about the mess. Always make your toddler sit on his chair while feeding. Do not run behind him to make him eat.

Eating should be made fun. Give him variety of food to eat, he will enjoy squeezing, licking, puréeing and what not?!

Skandhu climbs downstairs holding on to the rails.

Looks out of the window to see cars, poor LO all he sees is tons of snow!!

Skandhu stepped into his 16th month today. We are excited to see our little boy grow…but yes we miss his baby days ;)

Ever since I started writing about our trip to India with our toddler, I find lots of people hitting this site with so many questions in mind. Hope am able to answer your queries.

Continued from here

What did we feed our toddler in India: Pretty much everything that we ate. I stopped giving (read Skandhu stopped taking) puréed or mashed food at around 10-11 months. So I had introduced him to variety of food with different taste/texture. So food in India was not a problem except when we travelled and were away from home. At those time, we gave fresh fruits (banana, apple, watermelon), toddler yoghurt, toddler cereal bars and bread. Did I mention, I had carried lots of Gerber toddler snacks especially flavoured yoghurt and cereal bars. At hotels/restaurants, we gave idly/pongal. What ever you feed, make sure that your toddler takes enough water/milk to keep him hydrated.

Which milk did we give our toddler in India: Skandhu was completely switched to whole milk before his 1st b’day. So we didn’t want to re-introduce formula at any cost. Few of our friends suggested us to give formula during our stay in India, since toddlers/babies may find it difficult to adjust to change of place and may not eat properly. We discussed about this with our Ped. He strongly objected the need to give formula after babies turn a year old! He said that toddlers should get their nutrients from fruits/veggies/cereals/meat and diary products. Actually Skandhu adjusted very well. He liked all the food that we offered him.

Since formula was ruled out, the next question that we had in our mind was – which milk to give? Before leaving to India, we found that Amul/nestle and few other brands sell pasteurised milk in tetra packs! We need not boil it. Just cut and use. We used Amul Gold(tetra pack) and it was available almost everywhere (FYI we stayed at Chennai, Trichy and Tirupathi). Skandhu loved this milk!!

Should we use bottled water: If you are staying at home, you may use boiled & cooled water. In our case we stayed at different places and didn’t want to take risk of introducing water from different places. We gave him bottled water and always used the same brand.

What precautions did we take to save him from mosquito bite? How did we cope with the jet lag? How long did out toddler take to adjust to the time change? Did his sleep schedules change after we came back? Find answers in my next post. Till then stay tuned :)

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