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Skandhu’s activities at 17 months!!

Skandhu had his hair cut. He got a balloon from his stylist. Skandhu had a great time playing with it. He calls it “blu” (meaning balloon)

Skandhu is obsessed with cars. He even dreams of cars! We can hear him say “car… tata..” even when he is asleep!

Skandhu’s favourite pass time is to scribble with crayons. Till a month back, he would put it in his mouth. After my repeated warning he has stopped doing that (to an extent!). Our fireplace glass door has already been decorated with Skandhu’s drawings :D

Skandhu would turn 18 months in another few days, but I guess terrible twos has already started at 1.5 yrs! Phew! Skandhu is becoming naughtier by day and stubbornness has increased a lot. At times he is quiet playing with his toys/crayons/reading books. All of a sudden he becomes a tornado! The other day he was playing with bapa. He got so excited that he was bouncing on his dad. His dad was carrying him and at the least expected moment, Skandhu tried to jump off. Daddy tried to catch him off from falling and got his back sprained!!

We rushed to the hospital finding nothing serious other than a pinched nerve. Hot bags, ice packs/patches and pain killers nothing subsided the throbbing pain. Now after couple visits to the chiropractor, bapa feels bit better. Now wat do I say? Never expected that child’s play would cause so much pain!

Weather is improving here. For us temp above 40F is warm ;) We get to spend time outdoors when nature spares us from thunderstorms. Skandhu enjoys being out playing in the play area or watching cars fly in the busy road and playing with older children. He calls them “Anna” & “Akka” :)

Shopping with our little man is getting difficult! He loves to run through the aisles in the supermarket. Skandhu knows where he can find toys in the department stores! Making him sit in the cart is a challenging task.

Skandhu playing in the toy section

Skandhu playing in the toy section

The other day, I was busy shopping groceries and Skandhu was constantly whining to get down the cart. I tied him to the cart ignoring his cries so as to shop quickly. I stood at the counter waiting for my turn to check out the items. I thought the wait time would make Skandhu wild…. but wait! My boy was sitting quiet in the cart. Puzzled and surprised, I looked at him. Boy!!! He was smiling at a pretty woman from the next counter. She was waving hi-fis and Skandhu was waving back!!! “Edhuku onnum korachale illa :D ” Any ways as long as he is quiet, am happy ;) We do get number of compliments especially from women folks every time go out! Some young women in their 50-60s do take time to personally wish me “Your son is too cute!”. He he why don’t you take care of him for some time? ;)

Am teaching Skandhu to drink from a cup. He likes to drink by himself. Look at him walking with his cup.

My sweet boy is making lunch for me and of course for his “Minne” too. (He calls his cat as minne)

At 17 months, our LO knows how to operate media player. We play rhymes in the laptop and Skandhu knows how to forward, pause and play! On the whole, he controls our system (pun intended!!)

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