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Toddler play ideas 15 – 18 months

Season’s greetings to all our readers and well wishers :)

As usual, its been a long time since I updated the blog! Twins turned 18 months old and had their doctor’s visit. We were very pleased to hear that our boys are growing up well and meeting their milestones!

While Aadhu is interested in climbing and exploring, Aadhi shows keen interest in puzzles. He has already mastered the wooden shape puzzle and it feels happy to see our lil boys grow up so fast.

All was well until we all fell sick with stomach bug and cold.. phew… I remember me venting out about the stomach bug around the same time last year and yes, we had the visitor this time around too :P

We are slowly recovering from sickness and trying to enjoy the Holiday season as much as we can.

Here are a few fine motor activities that kept the boys busy over the last few months.

Apart from practicing fine motor skills, we also enjoy

  • puzzles
  • pom-pom color sorting
  • legos (building blocks)
  • stacking cups
  • reading books
  • riding on wooden horsey
  • go slide
  • climbing stairs holding on to the rails
  • climbing on couch, chairs, dining table or anything that we like ;)
  • making music on xylophone
  • watching rhymes
  • watching pepa pig/Sid the science kid/ paw patrol with elder brother.

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