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Skandhu’s Latest and More about our Travel to India with Toddler

Skandhu is 15 months old now! Wow.. time is just flying away. It seems like yesterday I posted about our little guy’s first birthday but we are already 3 months into his toddler-hood!!! Skandhu is growing up pretty fast. Every day he amuses us with a new play! He is learning things at jet speed!

At 15 months our little hero

  • Walks backwards! I wonder if he has 360 vision!? He carefully walks backwards and waits to see what my reaction is. The more I say NO the more he does!
  • Can point his head, ears, mommy’s nose, mommy’s mouth and doggy’s nose.
  • He understands our question and responds accordingly. If we ask him to – clap his hands, stomp his feet, do peak-a-boo (closes his eyes with his hands), show all-done (stretches his hands and shows his palms), say hurray (lifts his hands), hands up & down (raises his hands), do finger play for incy-wincy spider (nursery rhyme), Skandhu responds properly!!
  • He loves to play with lego blocks and builds tower of 3 – 4 blocks.

    Skandhu playing with lego blocks

    Skandhu playing with lego blocks

  • Feeds himself. Yes! He wants to pick and eat. I keep bite sized pieces in front of him in the dining table and our young man feeds himself. If I try to feed him, he doesn’t open his mouth!
  • Undress himself. Being peak winter here, I make him wear his pants even at home. Skandhu promptly removes his pants and throws away.

Skandhu is always up to some mischief. He wants to see what I cook. He tries to climb the oven to reach the stove top. I have stopped using the front burners.

Climbing on the oven tray
Climbing on the oven tray

Climbing on oven to reach the stove top
Climbing on oven to reach the stove top

Whats in the stove?
Whats in the stove?

Needless to say, he is keeping us on our toes!!!

Travel to India tips: Continued from here.

Vaccinations for toddlers before travelling: We travelled to India when Skandhu was 13.5 months old. During our 12th month doctor visit, we let his doctor know about our forthcoming India trip and asked him about the vaccinations & medications that we needed to take before we leave for the vacation.

Our paediatrician said that since Skandhu was more than 12 months old (when we travelled), he should be given vaccination for MMR, Chicken pox and Flu. Also he should take pills for Malaria. He mentioned that we need to give these shots at-least 2 weeks before we left for India. So, after 12th month visit, we visited our doctor office on his 13th month birthday and got his vaccinations done.

Our Ped advised us to give 1/4 of the pill (for malaria) every week starting from the week we left till we came back. We powdered the pill, mixed with banana and fed  Skandhu. Thankfully Skandhu ate it without throwing up!

Rash after giving MMR shot: Around 6-7 days after taking the shots, one evening, Skandhu  suddenly developed rashes. It was more like hives. We could see hives in his body. I applied aquaphor and massaged gently. After 1-2 hrs it disappeared. Again we could see hives in his body. This continued for a couple of hours. We got really scared. We searched the net and found that the MMR shots could cause rashes/hives. Though Skandhu had the rashes, he was active and was completely normal. We called our doctor’s office and talked with a on-call doctor. That being Thanksgiving day, most of the doctors were on leave. The doctor on-call carefully listened to what we said and assured us that the rashes/hives could be due to the MMR shot(taken a week before). She asked us not to worry and asked us to drop by only when Skandhu finds it really uncomfortable/crying uncontrollably.

I kept on applying aquaphor every time I saw the hives. We slept through the night and the next morning the hives/rashes disappeared completely and we never saw them again.. Touchwood!!

Mommy’s Tip: Be prepared for mild fever/rashes as the side effects of the MMR vaccinations. Do consult your doctor and let him know about the rash/fever.

Coming up in next post – Skandhu’s stay in India. Do stay tuned!

PS: Please consult your doctor before taking pills/vaccinations.

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