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Activities of our 20 months old toddler!

Our busy toddler is 20 months old now! I would have said this umpteen times, yet can’t resist. Yes you guessed it right, TIME just flies away! Skandhu has grown taller and looks matured! Baby looks have disappeared… We see a young boy!! Feels proud. But ah… I miss my nanna munna chinnu munnu baby ;)

One king, 2 queen and 1 toddler bed at home. But look where Skandhu wants to nap?!

We have been going play areas almost every other day. Couple of weeks ago Skandhu would only want to slide and run around the park. These days he tries to explore every play item. He loves this “horsh” (Horse)!

Skandha has started pretend plays! The other day, he sat on the poang chair (like rocking chair), rocked it, enjoyed the to & fro motion and said “Horsh , horsh”!!! We were amazed at how well he related the jerking motion to horseback ride :)

Skandhu calls older kids as “Akka and Anna”. He imitates older kids at play area. Not even 2 yrs old, still wants to climb the metal ladder!

Amma was busy with the living room wall decorating project. Bapa was helping her with all carpentry work. They had to use step stool to reach the wall above fireplace. Skandhu was totally bored. He also wanted to “help” them. When amma and bapa took a short (tea) break, Skandhu pulled himself to reach the fireplace mantle.

We have enrolled Skandha in the summer program – Kids Rock by Rock It productions. He attended Tot-Rock in last fall. Now he has graduated from tot to a kid :) Its nice to see him enjoy the musical class.

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