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Skandha turns 18 months old!!

Skandhu turned 18 months old today! Our toddler keeps us busy 24X7! Sometimes I wonder how easy it was to manage our LO in his baby days :P

About 7 months back, we attended a fall program for babies in our community. Skandhu was 11 months old then. He used to walk/run around and socialize with other kids in the class. But he would listen to what we say and would not go away from our vicinity. We met little L (17 months old) who was in her toddler stage. We and L’s parents started socializing. L’s mom warned me of the toddler stage ahead of us! “Wait until few more months. Every time you call your son, he would definitely run away waiting for you to catch him” This is wat L’s mom told me!

Honestly speaking I didn’t understand what she meant at that time. NOW I KNOW!!! As much as we enjoy our darling son’s toddler-hood, we are really exhausted running behind him :)

Skandhu loves to scribble/draw with his crayon. He has decorated our living room wall with his art work :)

Skandhu's art work on living room wall

Skandhu's art work on living room wall

Skandhu’s latest antics – climbing on the dinning table! Look at how Skandhu climbs through the table! He knowns to get down too. I used to keep my magazines on the dining table assuming that Skandhu wont touch them. Mmm…. time to relocate the books :)

Fun in the Sun #1: Here we start the fun in the series this year. Continued from here.

Apart from farm animals, Skandhu also knows about a few wild animals too. He can show bear, lion, tiger, zebra, kangaroo etc. We have a “bear” magnet on our fridge. We got that at souvenir shop when we visited Shenandoah national park.  Every time we pass through the fridge in the kitchen, Skandhu would point the bear to me. I wanted to take him to zoo to show the real animals.

Last weekend was really warm and we visited Brookfield zoo. Skandhu loved seeing the animals in the zoo. We got close up darshan(!!) of most of the animals. Unfortunately bear was not visible. Guess it was sleeping. We watched seal from a glass door. A cute seal came near us. Skandhu looked at it and kept on showing it to us. He even spoke “something” with the seal :D He kept on watching that we had to drag him from that place! On the whole, Skandhu had nice fun running around and watching animals.

Mommy’s Tip:

Things to do with your 18 months old toddler: Does your toddler already know what cow,horse or other farm animals say? Take him to the zoo. Let him see the wild animals there. Show him every animal and make sounds to imitate what the animals say. It will be fun for toddlers. Back home ask him where he went and wat did he see there.

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