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Skandha’s visit to Glencoe Beach

We visited Glencoe beach last weekend. Though it was a long weekend, we couldn’t get outdoors due to heavy thunderstorms. Thankfully, memorial day was better. With plenty of sunshine and warm temperature around, we wanted to make maximum use of it. What better way to spend a sunny day than relaxing near cool water source!

This was Skandha’s first visit to beach. He loved playing in the sand and enjoyed seeing the tides. Though it was 90F, the lake was still very cold. Swimming was not open to public since water temp was around 58F! We enjoyed standing in water for couple of minutes. Couldn’t take it long.

For those in and around Chicago land: Glencoe beach is in Glencoe IL, north suburb of Chicago. There is an entrance fee for non Glencoe residents. Carry cash as they don’t accept credit cards. This is a small beach in a beautiful neighborhood. Rest rooms and beach house are pretty clean. There is a small play area for kids and enough space for picnicking.

We had enrolled Skandhu in a course called “Games, Sports and More” conducted by our district. Kids were introduced to different types of games in each class.  There were around 10 kids (18-36 months). This class focused on improving gross motor skills in toddlers. This was a 6 weeks course and it was really fun taking part in it.

Skandhu playing basket ball with his friends.

Ask me which is the tallest building – Burj Kalifa, Taipei 101 or Sears towers, I would say the one that my little architect builds with his legos ;)

Here is the 21 block tower built by our 19 month old!

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  2. Skandhu you are all round master. keep it up

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