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Skandhu at 19 months!

Been a long time since I updated Parenting Fun! All is well. Here are our latest updates.

Skandhu has added lots of words to his vocabulary. Love, love, love his baby language!! “Hem” for head, “Mon” for mouth, “Ii-sh” for eyes etc.

Skandhu knows numbers from 1 to 10 (except 7). Here is how it goes – one, tu, thee, pour, five, sis, aight, nine and ten. Skandhu can recite alphabets (except L,Q,W and Z). He knows words corresponding to every letter. Its too cute to hear him say U for umbiya (he he umbrella), X for s-re (X-ray) and G for Gaass (Grass!)

He doesn’t know how to say “L” and “Q”. But if we ask him what L and Q stands for, Skandhu would say “uaaaaaa”  and “quack-quack” respectively. Well, quack quack is understood but what does “uaaaaaa” mean? Oh its the roaring sound of Lion! Implies L for Lion!! How smart?!

Apart from memorising the alphabets, Skandhu can recognise the letters (in upper case). Every time we read a book, see some name board in the park or read the words in his T-shirt, Skandhu clearly  points out every letter. This means that instead of just dumping alphabets in his memory, he logically relates the alphabets with sounds and visualizes them!

Mommy’s Tip: Talk, talk and talk with LO. Encourage him to read books, while you go out, keep showing him grass, trees, birds etc. and talk about mother nature. If your kid is interested in cars, talk about the type, color and brand of the cars you see on the road. Do you think he wouldn’t understand a word? You are wrong! Toddlers (1-2 yrs old) understand more words than what they can speak! Keep talking to them, ask questions, make your play interactive, your toddler will start picking up words very soon.

Skandhu’s priorities have changed. Bapa has to be there with him while he wakes up. Bapa has to entertain him by playing ball or taking him for a ride or taking him to park.

Its getting hard for me to run behind him. The moment I open the garage door, Skandhu slips into the road and then there is no looking back! Phew… “Am tired” ;) Though I feel its not good to use toddler-leash, some times I wonder if we have to buy one for Skandhu :|

We bought a black board for Skandhu. In-spite of our repeated warning, Skandhu still enjoys scribbling on walls.

Skandha knows “ON” and “OFF” states. Every time we switch on light/fan we keep saying that the light was “OFF” and now its “ON”. Our 19 month old surprised us by switching on the light saying “ON”!!

Of all places, Skandhu loves to ride his cars on top of the couch!

Last week was good, we let Skandhu play outside. This week its pouring badly. Temperature has gone down. Can you believe, we have turned on the heater? Skandhu wants to play out now. He constantly nags me to open the sliding door and let him play out in the deck.  Cold waves don’t bother us these days. I bundle Skandhu with warm clothes and take him out, else he will drive me nuts :P

We have built a routine, going out for walks in the morning and to play area in the evening. Due to recent thunderstorms, our routine has gone haywire. At this age, Skandhu doesn’t understand that he would get drenched if he goes out to play in the rain and I run out of ideas to entertain him. At times, he tests my patience!

Hope we will be blessed with plenty of sunshine and warm summer soon… Cant wait to enjoy SUMMER!!

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