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Evening chat with Skandhu!

Every evening Skandhu and me spend time playing outside. We talk and learn about lots of things around us. Last evening I recorded our chat without Skandhu’s knowledge (else he would run away with my smart phone!)

Here is an audio clipping of Skandhu,

  • Talking about the vehicles that he sees on road, 4 seasons of year and about his birthday!
  • Marathi words corresponding to climb up, get down, upstairs, downstairs etc.
  • Recites 2 shlokas (scared verses)

Kids easily grasp English. Honestly its easier than any of the Indian languages! As and when we introduce a new word in English, we make sure Skandhu learns its equivalent in TM (Tanjore Marathi) too.

Fall festivals, petting zoo, hay rides, corn maze, wagon rides – Kids truly enjoy Fall (Autumn). We have been going to lots of fall festivals and Skandhu seems to enjoy petting animals and running around the corn maze :)

Mommy and Skandhu at petting zoo
Mommy and Skandhu at petting zoo

Many of friends say that we have the tallest kitchen counter. Really?! Look at how our LO raids my counter top!

Skandhu raiding counter
Skandhu raiding counter

The good part is -  since he can reach the counter now, after his meal he clears his plate from dining table and keeps it near sink for cleaning. Great help to mommy indeed :)

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