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Fine motor play at 22 – 23 months

Am back after a long break! It is almost MAY and pretty soon our little boys will turn two!! They are learning new things everyday and we are having fun times.

Aadhu is all into letters and words. By 21 months he had started to recognize both capital and small letters. Now at 23 months, he can even spell words. He has wonderful memory and can read familiar words (like cat, moo, dog etc).

Aadhi is into numbers :) His favorite being “#5″! His love for the number 5 is so overwhelming that where ever he sees #5, he does a happy dance!

We have been using the potty for almost a month now and have been pretty successful so far. Right now we are taking it slowly and it is very pleasing to see that both have no fear of sitting on big potty!

Oops totally forgot.. we went for a vacation to India for almost 4 weeks in Feb-Mar. Thankfully we missed the worst of winter here and came back right in time for spring.

Kids did very well for the most part. ¬†However, they couldn’t bear the heat in Chennai/Trichy. Travel to India was not bad except that Aadhi wanted to be carried all the time. I literally broke my hip bone tagging him through out the journey. Let me not even start about our return trip in Etihad airlines…it was totally disappointing PERIOD. Well, we learnt a lesson not to fly with ETIHAD again.

Back home it took some time for the kids to overcome jet lag.

Twins love all gross motor activities like playing ball, running on the lawn, climbing on couches and monkeying around :P

We still squeeze in fine motor plays as well. Here is one such activity that our boys loved -

Here is a fine motor play for toddlers – inserting tooth pick into small holes. We used pepper shaker container with small holes and tooth pick for this activity.

This activity strengthens hand to eye co-ordination.

inserting tooth pick - fine motor play

inserting tooth pick – fine motor play

Our little guys seems to be ambidextrous. He uses both hands to insert the tooth pick with great ease.

Inserting tooth pick - fine motor play

Inserting tooth pick – fine motor play

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