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Skandhu at 23 months!

Been a long time since I updated here. Was busy with navarathri. Skandha had a gala time playing with kids (& elders too) visiting our navarathri kolu. These are the times when we get to meet our neighbors and enjoy the social life here in US! It was fun having guests almost everyday. Now that navarathri is over, its the mundane routine again. Skandhu wants “guests” to come over everyday! He keeps taking me to the door asking “koun aala?” (Meaning – Who is here?) The days when his dad comes late from office, Skandhu drives me crazy!! Can’t blame him he is definitely a social person :)

Fall is here and we see wonderful colors everywhere. We went for leaf peeping and Skandhu helped me a lot in picking the colorful leaves :) He loved to play in the dry leaves and had fun crushing them. Its so cute to hear him say “leaves kalle jatha” (Meaning: leaves are going down) :)

Skandha playing with dry leaves

Skandha playing with dry leaves

Bath time is always fun at our place. We enjoy singing bath time rhymes and have fun playing in water. Brush + Bath was an easy breezy task with Skandhu until last week! We bought a new brush for Skandha. Infact he picked the brush. It had a tiger picture. Skandhu named his new brush as “Tiger brush”. Back home he played with brush and kept telling proudly “Skandhu brush tiger brush”. When we asked him to brush his teeth, there started the problem! He wanted his “old” brush only! No amount cajoling, coaxing even yelling helped. Terrible twos, what else do we say. After one week of painful and tiring bath time routine, we had to search for a brush that looked exactly like his old one! Finally we found one and now things are back to normal :) And everyday we try to brush his teeth, Skandhu says “Skandhu brush juna brush” (Juna means old)

These days if we don’t pay attention to what he says, Skandhu orders – “Bapa look at me“! (Bapa is dad) How demanding?!

Skandhu enjoys coloring at our community Fall festival

Skandhu enjoys coloring at our community Fall festival

Last week we had been to Skandhu’s aunts place for dinner. Skandhu was playing with the toys there. After dinner when it was time to leave, Skandhu cleared the toys and kept them in its place. His grandparents and aunt were awestruck to see him “clean up” the toys! It’s our daily routine – to clear all the toys before going to bed. When people praise our little boy, it feels like we get a pat on back for the healthy habits that we have taught to our little one :)

Couple more days, Skandhu will turn two years old!! With Skandha everyday has been a blessing to us. Waiting for more fun in the years to come :)

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  1. Dear Ganu/Anu Ganesh:

    The Photograph of Skandhu is a replica of GANU! Skandhu is very fine, charming. I will give a feedback

    of my impressions on seeing the earlier photographs at the earliest opportunity. Blessings to U both and

    regards & thanks. How do both of U do. We all do well here. Somehow I did not receive any mail from Mohan.

    Usually he used to send mail consistently almost at fortnightly intervals. See U! Bye.

    Babu Kaka.

    • Thanks for the blessings Kaka! Glad you liked the write up :) Amma & Bapa are doing gud. Will definitely convey ur message to them. – Anu Ganesh

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