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It’s been some time since I wrote a blog post here. As I write this post, Halloween just passed us by and dear son’s second birthday got over a couple weeks ago. Ah, how time flies! It was only last year around the same time that I was teaching my boy how to talk with words like “Bapa, Amma, mum-mum, du-du” (Father, Mother, Food, Milk) and so on. Today, dear son talks to me and orders me around ! “Bapa, Brush your teeth! Bapa, Wash your face! Bapa, Comb your hair!”. In just a span of a year I have gone from teaching my son how to talk to taking orders from him !

The past year was eventful, filled with joy and had its sublime moments. If last year brought us joy on seeing our son beginning to walk before his tenth month birthday, this past year has brought us enormous joy in seeing him grow out of toddler-hood. We were truly amazed at how quickly he grasped language and how quickly his vocabulary grew. He knows that we talk two different languages (English and Marathi our mother tongue) and his vocabulary in both exceeds more than hundred words at the tender age of two. I have been told that though I didn’t utter a word before my 3rd birthday, my wife started talking pretty quickly, sounding out words well before her 1st birthday. So I guess dear son takes after his mother in that way :)

Skandhu at his birthday party

Skandhu at his birthday party

Talking is just one of the things in his arsenal of tricks to keep us enthralled in constant joy and amazement. Physically he has learnt to climb up the stairs all by himself, just holding on to the rails. He also reaches out for things kept over the table or the kitchen counter top. If he’s not able to reach up to the height, he goes and fetches a step stool, climbs over it and does the needful. While we’re happy to see this on one hand, we are running out of space to keep things from his curious sight!

He uses our sofa as his slide and our rocking chair as his “horsey”. He likes the play area where he gets to run around a lot and play on the swing, slide and the spin. He has figured out that sliding down the stairs is way faster and more fun than just climbing down step by step. His curiosity knows no bounds! He wants to experience the rain, touch and feel flowers, jump and crush dry leaves and run around. Anywhere he needs to go he runs. Why walk when you can run seems to be his motto. He wants to do everything by himself. He will try to eat by himself and won’t open his mouth if we try to feed him !

The past year has also exposed us to his temper tantrums and more naughtiness. Nowadays, if he doesn’t want something he runs away before we can catch him and either hides behind a chair or under the dining table. This mostly happens when we are either trying to get him dressed up and ready to go outside or if he’s not finished his plate and doesn’t want to. No amount of coaxing or cajoling will make him come out of his hiding place. Only the threat of us going “Bye-Bye” and leaving him behind will make him come out.

He surprised us all, especially his grand parents by saying “Om Ganesha Namaha!” on Ganesh Chathurthi. He also knows “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu” hymn and various other rhymes. He also knows to wish others “Good Morning, Hello, How are you, Happy Birthday, See you tomorrow” and so on. When his grandpa asked him “How are you?” prompt came the reply “Fine. Thank you!”

One of the things that really amazed us was when I asked him where he wanted his birthday party. We had previously attended his friends’ birthday parties at different places. We also used to take him to a jumping place called Monkey Joe’s that has a lot of inflatables where the kids can hop, skip and jump and have a good time. He calls this place “Anna-aka” Jump meaning place where boys and girls jump and really enjoys the place. So when I asked him where he wanted his birthday party, out came the answer immediately “Anna-aka” Jump. We were amazed at how well he associated the two things and knew what he wanted!

Skandhu playing with LED candles (on Diwali)

Skandhu playing with LED candles (on Diwali)

During his second year visit to the doc, he was his usual naughty self. When the doc walked in he said Hi to the doc, gave him a high five and started talking. He wouldn’t let the doc talk or do his check up. He was fiddling with the stethoscope, telling rhymes, showing the doc where the “monkeys” were in the story book and so on and so forth. Doc told us that dear son was a “talkative” kid and way above the curve for his age !

I could go on and on about his “Are You OK?, All Done, Beautiful Flowers, Garbage Truck, Animal Sounds, Alphabet song” and so on and so forth. But the most important thing that really amazed us was the wonder that the drooling baby that had a few months ago said “Ba-pa Ba-pa Ba-pa” was somehow today transformed into the big boy growing out of toddler-hood, doing all the amazing things he does.

There’s a song in Tamil that goes like “Enna Thavam Seidhanai Yashodha and means something like “What Penance did you do Yashodha? to be so blessed as to get Lord Krishna as your son”. I think this is very true in our case as we really are the proud parents and count our blessings. Credit really goes to my wife, Anu, whose tireless effort to keep our son occupied, teaching him everything he knows, putting up with his tantrums and having loads of patience, has brought out the very best of his talent :)

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