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Cheerios craft – Preschool activity

Skandha is 2 years and 8 months now. He would join the preschool in another 4 months. We have enrolled him in one of the best preschool in our neighborhood. He is completely potty trained! Gone are the toddler & terrible twos phase! Now we see a young boy learning to read and write, amusing us with his intellectual talents and excellence.

At 2.75 years he knows

  • alphabets
  • numbers (till 100)
  • can count properly till 50 [though doesn't have so much patience ;) ]
  • rides his bike, yes we have grown from tri-cycle to BIKE!!
  • knows to speak properly in 2 languages – English & Marathi
  • can sing lots of rhymes, shlokas and film songs :P
  • puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles- 24, 36, 48 pieces! Bring it on says our LO
  • he is a doodle artist
  • very proud to wear his un-dies (babies wear diaper mom!)
  • can brush his teeth by himself.
  • bid good bye to toddler paste loooong back. Ha ha he loves Colgate paste ;)
  • knows logical differences like – long/short, tall/short, left/right, top/bottom, above/below, over/under etc!
  • loves tracing dots, finger painting and all fun activites.

the list goes on on and on……….. :)

I am sure he is going to get good education and wonderful social life in his school. But as a parent I take all the steps that I can do from my end. I feel that every activity, including household chores,  helps in moulding our child.

When I cut vegetables, I make Skandhu sit besides me. We do maths while chopping veggies. I would ask him to give me 3 carrots (or any veggie) at a time. Once I start the chopping , Skandhu would keep the next set of 3/5 (or how much every I ask) ready to be chopped. This way we do our counting exercise!

Our 2.75 yrs old knows most of the shapes- circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, diamond, crescent, zig-zag, oval, cube, pyramid etc. We look for shapes & colors in everything that we see. Skandhu helps me in loading/unloading washer & dryer. He helps me cleaning his toys and putting things at the right place. Praise! praise your child for every good work he does. It would encourage him to do more and more.

We have been doing lots of pre school activities at home. I shall post here as and when time permits. We read a lot, I teach him phonics, spelling and much more. But I haven’t yet started to teach him to write.  I know he is just 2.75 and dont want to burden his little fingers so soon ;) I learnt from experienced moms & teachers that before you start teaching your pre schooler to write, make sure that he develops strength in his fingers.

Mommy’s tips: Here are a few exercises/activities that can increase hand-eye coordination.

1. Give some cheerios and a thread and ask him to thread the cheerios. With cheerios in one hand and  thread in the other hand, when your kid tries to put the thread through the cheerios, he will develop the hand eye coordination. This is a fun game to play. First start with 4-5 cheerios. Once he is done, make a bracelet of it and tie it in his hands. He would feel proud and happy to shows his own edible bracelet.

Bonus: Take pics and send them to loved ones like grand parents/aunt etc.

We first started with cheerios bracelet and moved to cheerios chain. I hear you saying – My kid doesn’t have patience to do this. Believe if you don’t sit with your 2 year old, he will not do this by his own. Every time he threads a cheerio, celebrate it with hurrays and cheers!! He would automatically want to do more :)

2. Give a box of sand and ask him to scribble with his fingers, make shapes, draw in sand. This helps him in strengthening his fingers.

3. Give a stick and a box of sand. Ask him to use the stick and scribble in the sand.

4. Before you start with actual writing exercise, give your preschooler dotted lines to trace.
Straight and zig-zag dotted lines are best for 2-3 years old. I made few tracing dots worksheets with Microsoft word (you can download from preschool websites too).

Tracing the dots

Tracing the dots

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