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Color sorting and froot loops rainbow!

The idea of froot loop color sorting and rainbow was born just after we finished a yummy evening snack ;) Lil one had cold and cough and was too tired for outdoor play. Just then I thought of this simple activity to engage him for little while as well as help him cheer up, a little bit!

Activity: Sort and collect like-colored froot loops. Once done trace the curved lines with froot loops to form a colorful rainbow.
Aim: Color recognition and sorting. Tracing the curved line, a pre-writing skill.

Preschool color sorting - 1

Preschool color sorting – 1

Preschool color sorting - 2

Preschool color sorting – 2

Froot loop rainbow - 1

Froot loop rainbow – 1

Froot loop rainbow - 2

Froot loop rainbow – 2


Tracing line is the first step in learning to write. It improves the hand eye co-ordination. Start from straight dotted lines and then move on with slanted, zig-zag and curved lines. I have already posted about the free “trace the lines worksheets“. You can download them here.

Below is another free worksheet Рtracing curved lines. You may let your child trace the curved lines with color pencils/crayons or use froot loops (as shown above)/ pom-poms / marshmallows  to form a rainbow!!

Click on the image to save a PDF file. Print and use the worksheet.

Trace the dotted lines worksheet - 3

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  1. Thank you for sharing this idea! A fruit loop day just might be in my near future, now! :)

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  2. Great idea!! Any type of activities involving snacks are winners in my house ;-) I’d love for you to link this post up to Tot School Tuesday:

  3. What a fun and yummy idea!

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