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Finger Painting – A Beautiful Wall Art!

Painting is yet another fun activity that a preschooler would love to do. There are non-toxic finger paints (like tempura) available in craft stores. You can even prepare finger paint at home with edible colors. I introduced paint to our LO after he turned 2. Till then he was very busy with legos/bike/trucks and he was least interested in painting.

Finger Painting -1

The other day when Skandha was getting messy with the paint, I thought why not do some wall art. We have been decorating his room and wanted to have wall accents. A wall art made by him would be a perfect d├ęcor for his room! I wanted to keep the art as simple as possible, so we (LO & us) settled with a flower. Skandhu loves flowers. We have few plants in our deck and he loves to water them :)

I used green & yellow felt sheets, a brown paper bag and orange color finger paint to make this simple art. Skandhu helped in sticking the leaves & stem. In fact he loved playing with the glue more ;)

Finger painting art

Finger painting art

He was so proud when we hung the wall art in his room! A evening worth spent with our LO!

Finger paint wall decor

Finger paint wall decor

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  1. arumai.porumai.perumai.good compination

  2. That’s a wonderful idea, Anu! This is something I definitely need to try with little man. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Drop by anytime. ;-)

  3. nice ones anu. i was trying to reply to your quill art i could not under stand what to do as Captcha is preventing me from replying how to go about it guide me also would like to know the art of quilling

    • Thank you very much Raji. I didnt know about the captcha problem until I saw ur comment here! I have removed the captcha now. I have sent you an email too.

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