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Let’s Pretend says our toddler!!

This is my first post (update) after Skandha turned 2 years old. We had our 2nd year doctor visit and Skandhu is doing great! We are noticing lots of changes in him. He forms complicated sentences with proper prepositions. Naughtiness and temper tantrums have increased exponentially!

Skandhu is learning how to count. He knows numbers from 0 to 100. Now he is interested in counting. We count everything – cheerios, pillows, cars even stars ;) When I sit with him to read a book, our reading session would go on and on. Skandhu would flap the pages and explain things to me just the way I do. But if I ask him to read by himself and move away, Skandhu would flip the pages fast enough and declare “The End“!!

Just when I’m about to scold him for his naughty behaviours, Skandhu tries to coax me with his friendly smile and hugs me saying “Love you Amma!!“.  Am amazed at how a two year old senses mom’s mood and acts accordingly!

I don’t even have the count of number of cars that Skandhu has. I get hit by his flying cars at least once a day. Every time I groan in pain, my naughty brat would console me – “Its OK Amma, Don’t cry!

Pretend plays” are Skandha’s favourite these days. The other day he took 2 wooden sticks lying the garage and pretended them to be vacuum cleaner. Look at how he cleans the floor with his imaginary vacuum cleaner! Cheese pieces are the coaches of his imaginary train. He seems to more interested in playing with the food than eating!

Skandhu's pretend play

Skandhu's pretend play

Since Skandhu uses big potty (commode), he even takes his furry friends there. “Cat, do poope” he says to his stuffed cat making her sit on the big potty. I wonder when he is going to put her “in” the potty? (Eikkkess!!) He talks, scolds and hugs his stuffed toys just like we do. Skandhu orders Elmo (his fav toy) to sleep in his bed and comes running to co-sleep with us :) Its cute to hear him say – “Elmo jo-jo kare! Bed aanthe neeja!”

Last weekend was fun. Skandhu had a great time playing with his mousi and kaka. We went to downtown Chicago and it was really enjoyable. Skandhu saw aquarium for the first time and exclaimed – “Dhande fishes!!” (Lots of fishes). He saw big turtles, fishes and octopus and was all excited. He was astonished to see a huge fish and said – “Kavde thore fish“(How big the fish is!) We even saw the Dolphin show. After the show he kept telling us that he loved to see Dolphins swim and jump. Needless to say even we adults enjoyed the aquatic show :) Skandhu saw “Dove” for the first time at Chicago’s Millennium park. Skandhu assumed it to be “chicken” and kept chasing the dove. He proudly showed everyone that he was trying to catch chicken. People at the park enjoyed seeing Skandhu run behind the dove – Oops his chicken ;)

Skandhu Chasing Dove

Skandhu Chasing Dove

His (paternal) grandparents are leaving soon and we keep telling him that they would be going back to India in couple of weeks. As of now he assumes that he can see them any time at Athya’s (aunt) place :) Though he has seen his maternal grandparents only two times in this year (via webchat), he knows them as “Chennai Aaja” and “Chennai Aaji“. Even though I talk to them once a week, Skandhu clearly knows that am taking with his Chennai Aaja and Aaji. These days when he gets bored, especially after his mousi and kaka visited us, Skandhu brings my cell phone and says “Call mousi” or “Call Chennai Aaja!” He wants to chat with people when he is bored :)

Days are getting colder and winter is almost here. Skandhu doesn’t seem to understand the need to wear gloves/mittens. Its a big drama every time we go out making him wear his jacket and hat. Wish he learns soon!!

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  1. Wow his imaginary vacuum cleaner is really cool, good thinking Skandhu. We also had great time with Skandhu kutty, he is really very smart and quickly grasps we ever we say to him, there is no words for his energy, very active. We really admire him, he is able to talk both Marathi and English Properly without much of confusion, which is really super at this age, hats off to you guys. Really good parenting.

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