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Math and Music

As a part of home tot school, we have been learning numbers, counting by one, counting by twos, counting by fives, number match etc.


Here is a video clip of Aadith trying addition/count by 1s. He has understood that a number plus one is nothing but the next consecutive number.

Aadhu & Aadhi are at an age where they can play by themselves and keep themselves focused on the task that they doing. Only catch is that it must entice them!

We are still working on taking turns and not fight for the same toy. Aadhi could go on adding till 100. Just that his twin bother wont let him finish ;)

Pardon the poor lighting. I didn’t turn on the flash light assuming that it would disturb our budding mathematician.

Now comes the music part. We play guess the tune and the kids love it. Aadhu and Aadhi are guessing the rhymes that I (try to) hum.

We also take turns in this activity. That is, they hum and I guess. That is even more enjoyable. Will upload it my next post :)

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