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Our 2 year old helping around the house!

In my last post I had talked about our toddler helping around the house.

Do you involve your kids in everyday household chores? Researches say that it is great way to develop confidence and self esteem. Growing up me and my sister had helped our working mom with all kind of household chores. Mopping, doing dishes, setting up table before meal, laundry and cleaning the bathrooms, we divided the tasks between us and helped our mother in all possible ways. We have received lots of compliments from relatives and neighbours. In fact many of my mom’s friends envied her for the help she got from her kids!

I don’t regret that I had to do “household” chores at an young age. But I do feel bad that my parents made it a RULE! I would have been happy if my parents had not enforced the old school thought – “GIRLS SHOULD BE DOMESTICALLY TRAINED“!

Little words of appreciation for the “help” would have encouraged us to do more and at same time feel blessed too. Unfortunately our parents failed to understand that!

“Help” should come from heart. No one should force it! Talk with your kids, let them know that you need help. Am sure kids would love to help you. Agreed older kids MAY understand the pain of working parents and offer help. But what about toddlers and preschoolers?

Guess what? Your toddler may not understand your stress filled IT job nor does he know that you are in need of help. But believe me they would also love to offer help. All you need to do is praise them for their work and make them feel confident :)

Our LO loves to help us. For a two year old any activity is more than learning! I give him a bunch of cilantro/ mint. He would separate the leaves from the stalks. He understands that mommy uses the leaves for cooking and stalks go to trash. While we do laundry he helps in folding his clothes and doing that he learns about colors and shapes.

Skandhu helping in kitchen - 1

Skandhu helping in kitchen - 1

Skandhu helping in kitchen - 2

`Skandhu helping in kitchen - 2

Last night, I was setting table for dinner. I had placed plates for all of us and was busy getting items on the table. Our 2 year old served idlis (south Indian dish) on all our plates and proudly said that he had “helped” us! That was indeed a great help :)

Skandhu feels happy and proud when ever I call him for help. Once he is done with the work he would boast to his dad “Bapa, me amma la help karlon” (Dad I helped mom with her work)

Skandhu’s imagination has no bounds. He loves playing memory (card matching) games. He uses the cards to build (pretend) car, train, house etc. This video was recorded on 29th Feb 2012 (28 months 14 days)

Skandhu has graduated to solving 24 & 36 piece floor puzzles! Since he loves Thomas & Friends, we got him 24 piece thomas puzzle. We explained and taught him how to solve the puzzle. He watched us solve the puzzle twice. After that we never helped him. First time it took Skandhu nearly 15 mins to solve the puzzle. Now he can finish in less than 4-5 mins :)

Since the carpet is not smooth enough, the blocks pop up as he keeps joining them. But our little “Mr Perfect” doesn’t like that. So he keeps breaking up the game until he gets everything right! :) This video was recorded on 11th March 2012 (28 months and 26 days)

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Seeing his interest in solving puzzles, we have bought 32 piece jumbo farm animals puzzle. Skandhu has almost mastered his new game too :)

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  1. Ya akka me too felt the same way; do you remember our designated daily household chores, really a lot but we enjoyed doing it. Wow Skandhu is also quite interested helping you around the house, great………….; nice car and train skandhu good job, super creative.

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