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Paint chip art

My little preschooler is always up for fun activities. But one thing that bothers him is getting his hands messy! Even though he enjoys messy activites, he would frown and start complaining about his hands getting sticky/messy. Typical boy!

So I came up the idea of using paint chips and gluing them to create some art work. LO loves glue. Oh yes he asks for a paper towel before he touches glue lol!! He created this colorful design and now this wall decor adorns our living room :)

What we learnt from this craft: Color hues! “Mom this is light green, this one is dark green and… this is navy green” exclaimed our lil guy! (if there can be a navy blue then dark green should be navy green rite! lol!!)

Paint chip art - 1

Paint chip art – 1

Paint chip art - 2

Paint chip art – 2

Paint chip art - 3

Paint chip art – 3

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  1. Excellent wall decor skandhu, really superb idea akka.

  2. What a great project. It could be a fun activity to learn their letters too. You could print off a big outline of a letter, like the letter of their last name and they could fill it in with the paint chips! There are so many things you could do. Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

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