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Skandhu’s activites at 28 months!

Hello everyone! Its been a long time (3 months precisely) since I updated this space. Thanks to all those who had enquired about my long absence. First of all “All is well”! Was extremely busy! Even I feel so bad that I had missed penning down our LO’s activities for the past few months. Well, as a proud parent I do have lots to brag about our darling son :) Promise to be more active here.

Holiday season was too gud. We spent our holidays at Disney world, FL. Skandhu loved the rides, watching animals and playing around. He even had gala time in the air plane. This winter has been really mild with only few snow showers. Touchwood!! Skandhu enjoyed playing, rolling and jumping on the snow.

Now at 28 months, Skandhu speaks very well. He uses complex words in his sentences. Little guy is a big chatterbox :P Keeps talking, talking and talking. Sometimes we get tired of his conversation. Yet we do enjoy his talks very much!

Skandha loves books! We already have a mini library:) LO keenly listens as we read to him. We do translate every word in Marathi so that he can learn 2 languages simultaneously. He enjoys solving puzzles and small memory games.  Here is video clipping our son reciting a nursery story/rhyme. This video was recorded on 18th Feb 2012 (28 months and 4 days old)

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You would have already heard our son chanting shlokas (holy verses). Now at 28 months he can say 3 shlokas without any mistake.

Skandhu’s latest craze – doodling! He loves to doodle. At 2 years he could draw straight lines. These days he forms meaningful figures. Am amazed at how well he imagines things and tries to reproduce them as art! Skandhu showed me his drawing which he called an aeroplane – an oval shaped figure with a straight line (at 45 deg) attached to it. When we asked what it was, he proudly explained that it was an aeroplane at take-off!!! Thanks to our trip to Disney! Skandhu saw lots of airplanes and he even enjoyed looking out of the window as our plane took off and landed on the ground.

Small and Big lollipop

Small and Big lollipop

At 28 months, Skandha understands the concept of “opposites”. The difference between big, small, up, down, slow, fast and so on. Here is a video clipping of our LO doodling (drawing) a big lollipop and a small lollipop :)

Skandhu knows about different shapes. You would have seen him solving shape puzzles at 22 months. These days he enjoys relating shapes with every object that he sees – “Amma pizza is circle, Door is rectangle, egg is oval” and so on. The other day we were strolling down our street enjoying a pleasant evening. I was really surprised when Skandhu looked up the sky and said “Amma look there is crescent in the sky”!

Life is indeed been a blessing for us to have our smarty LO! But at times he tests our patience with his temper tantrums (terrible twos). We do encourage him to dress by himself. He can wear his undies and pants without our help :) As much as I feel happy to see him grow, must admit I do miss his baby days! The other day while I was relaxing with a book, I found something hilarious that I burst out laughing. Our LO who was playing nearby looked at his dad and commented – Amma is funny!!

Skandhu loves helping me. Wondering what kind of “help” Skandhu does?Watch out this space. Will come up with my next post soon. Don’t worry wouldn’t keep you waiting for long ;)

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