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Activities of our 3 years old!

Skandha is 3 years and 3 months now. He joined school last fall and has been loving it! After the Christmas party in late December, their preschool recently had pajama day. Skandha wore his fav “cars” pajamas and had a blast :)

At 3 years he now knows to identify and write numbers till 20. He loves to play with “patterns“. Thanks to the internet, I found lots of pre-k and kindergarten level patterns and logical thinking worksheets that our LO enjoys doing with ease! I also downloaded few wonderful ipad apps that keeps him engaged and amused :)

Here is a video clipping of our son explaining the concept of “empty” and “full” & “more” and “less”. More than worksheets (printable materials), active plays like this one improves your child’s thinking ability and understanding.

Video recorded on 1/25/2013 (3 years and 3 months)

Pretend plays are always welcome at this stage. Preschoolers love the “imaginary” plays. Until couple months back Skandhu would always be the doctor and I would be the poor patient! During his 3rd year doctor visit, he saw that it was the nurse who took the vitals like – temperature, height-weight measurement and blood pressure. That visit along with few good books have brought few changes in him. Guess what? I got a promotion!! Yes am no more a patient now, am his NURSE!! Here goes his orders – Nurse pls check teddy’s blood pressure and give the flu shot to puppy! :)

His preschool has a special visitor every month. Heroes from our neighbourhood (policemen, fire fighters etc) join the kids and explain their duties. These little sessions do have a great impact on the kids. Our son has learnt all about fire safety. The funny part is he gets too excited when am cooking. “Mom there is FIRE! Am going to put it off!!;)

Here is a audio clipping of LO taking about what he should do when he sees fire.

Like every other child of his age, my preschooler has multiple career dreams. He wants to be a doctor, a brave fire fighter, a garbage collector (he loves the garbage truck!), a policeman, a painter and lot more!! Someday he will select his path. Though I don’t and won’t force my dreams on him, I would want him to excel in what ever field he chooses :) All the best dear son. Our best wishes are always with you!

Did I tell you what our LO calls himself? He is the “cheeky Thomas”! Yup he is crazy about Thomas and friends. We bought him a big Thomas train set. Our library visit wouldn’t be complete without bringing loads of Thomas story books! He has even named us – dad is “Sir Topham hatt” and am the “Lady hatt”! His paternal grandma is “Dowager Hatt” and his granddad is the old steam tram “Toby” ;)

Thanks to the Thomas episodes, his vocabulary has increased a lot. The best part is though English is not the primary language at home, our LO has learnt to speak English very well. These days when ever I ask him for help, he goes – “Of course amma (mom), I can do it for you“. He imitates the story narrator and uses complex words like – Delighted, Disappointed etc.

Here is a video clipping of our LO reading a Thomas and friends story book. This video was recorded on 12/11/2012 (3 years and 2 months) - Though he doesn’t know how to read the words, he is explaining the story based on the illustration.

Winter has so far been mild (read tolerable) this year. We have been spared from dreadful snow storms. Here is the snowman built by our LO :)


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