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Phonics and my Four years old

Our 4 yrs old is showing a lot of interest in reading. He is able to go beyond CVC words! We are working with 4-5 letter words. We are surprised to see him ask very smart questions in phonics and I personally feel its way beyond his age.

There are 2 characters in his fav TV prog that have the names – Gerald and Gabriela. His question is letter ‘G’ says ‘ga’ as in goat. So Gabriela can start with G. We pronounce Gerald as j EH – r uh l d, so shouldn’t it start with the letter J instead of G?? Very valid question, right!?

Another question that cracked me up was -

We call mom as Amma in our language. The letter ‘A’ in Amma should not been pronounced as A  as in Anna but should be done like U in umbrella. When I asked him to write the spelling for Amma, Skandhu promptly wrote as “UMMA” :) [umma is another word in our language which means kiss ;) ]

Why should I not spell Amma as Umma since the letter A is spelled as “uh” and not “a”? Again he has a valid point here!

The other day he gave me a list of all things that he would need. He asked to me take his list while I do my weekly shopping.  He kept it very simple.


Me: Don’t you need clothes?
Skandhu: Mom, this is my Walmart list, clothes would be from Mall!
Me: You know what you want! :)

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