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Baby Aanand (Skandha) turns one!!

Aanand is more than a month old now. Cant believe time just flies away… Just a month back I was holding a little bundle, a teeny little figure, well wrapped in his swaddling blanket… now our little boy has grown up! Its fun watching him grow. He doesn’t let even a single day pass without amusing us with little gestures. Aanand had his first month health checkup. He is doing great!! Doctor was satisfied with growth and wanted to give him more “Tummy time” (Making the baby lie on his tummy) Aanand enjoys lying on his stomach. He tries to lifts his head, shake his tiny body, push back his legs and tries to move forward. He has learnt to see the faces. He smiles at us. Stares at us if we dont lift him! We went to Aurora Balaji Temple (our first outdoor visit with the baby) and had a nice darshan. No tantrums nor cries he was so peaceful at the temple. We also attended baby Anisha’s namakaran (bub 3 weeks younger than Aanand). Our boy behaved so well that everyone over there were in all praise about our kutty paiyan :)

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