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Skandhu is 2 months old now…!

It has been a month since I updated Scribbalicious. As much as I love to blog, I dont get enough time to do it regularly.. (dear son keeps me busy on my toes :) ) Skandha had his second month vaccinations. He was running down with temperature for a couple of hours and then he was back to normal. I thought the shots would make him cry a lot and I was well prepared for that. But our boy did surprise us. Yes!!! he didnt cry much. Just a loud cry for 2 mins and then he started playing and smiling at us :D He had his shots in the evening and after his visit to the doctors office he dozed off. This continued till next morning (of course he woke for his feeding and diaper change) The night sleep brought a change in him. Maybe he understood the difference between day and night!! These days he sleeps in the night (for the most part) and plays in the daytime. He takes 2-3 hours of daytime nap. Night sleep is a bliss for a new parent, isn’t it? We are glad our boy is letting us catch few hours of “night sleep” :)

We had a nice time during the holidays. We went to Hindu temple of greater Chicago at Lemont. It was our first visit in snow. Our cousins from NC had visited us. All of us went to down town. It was very chill outside. We all enjoyed the outing with our LO. We went to Alder planetarium, Chicago. We watched a 3D movie too. Kutty Skandhu was peacefully sleeping in his car seat (Oh!!! he loves sitting in it).

Skandha wants him to be carried on our shoulders. He is bored of lying on his back I guess!! He enjoys being on his tummy rather than being on his back. He wants to sit and stand (!!) He cries if I put him down (Oh no pls amma pls dont put me down I want to sit and chat with you) Oh dear you are just 2.5 months old, wait till your back becomes strong!!! He is able to focus things very well. Keeps following us as we enter and leave the room. He is able to recognise voices. (Searches… where is amma..??) I keep talking to him (Always!). These days he turns his head in the direction that I point to. He loves to watch snow from the window. His eyes keeps wandering here there (He is getting to know the world around him).

He has started to make sounds. Its fun to hear his gurgles and coos. A lot of squeals too, to show his excitement, anger and happiness. I keep throwing questions at him and he answers by making sounds. I keep singing to him. He reciprocates by smiling back and squealing. Skandhu’s mommy, a gold medallist is now memorising the baby rhymes that she learnt in her pre-school days :D !! We have our story telling time and sloka reciting time. Darling son loves all these activities. End of the day I get tired, but Skandhu is ready for more fun and learning!!! Oh boy I have a super active son!

What does 3 months old do? Sleep, feed, poop, pee, smile, squeal, enjoy putting fingers in his mouth (thumb sucking), playing with his toes and fingers…. All babies do these… Want to know what else Skandhu does??? Watch this space… will update in my next post… :)

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  1. Just came over from myscrawls which I had visited after quite a while. Looks like Chef Anu is finding profound joy in nurturing another one of her pet ventures !! Do keep us updated a bit more frequently about your little one’s antics !!

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