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Yay!!! Skandhu reached his next milestone

Dear son Skandha rolled over from his back to tummy and vice versa :) From the day his cord fell off, we were giving him “tummy time”. He always enjoyed lying on his tummy and slowly started to lift his head. This act strengthened his neck, shoulder and back muscles. Within 8 weeks of his birth he was able to lift his neck upright when carried on our shoulders. Eventually his head stopped to bob around. From the start of 3rd month he has been lifting his chest while lying on his tummy. Poor LO was trying hard to flip. But couldn’t succeed as we were making him lie on our bed or in his crib. Yesterday we made him lie on a blanket spread on the carpet and voilà within a day dear boy rolled over :)

Aaji and Aaja enjoyed seeing him roll over. Aaji prepared Kesari Bath to celebrate this achievement :)

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  1. Congrats kutti Skandhu……… rombha sekaram yellam panuray, really great. Then what is your next move………. waiting for update.

  2. hey little guy ! Congrats ! soon you’ll begin to crawl and then start giving your parents more things to worry about than just feeding and burping !!

  3. They grow up so quickly. One minute they are blowing bubbles while looking at you all crosseyed, the next they are leaving for High School.

    Enjoy it while you can, they are special and will never know how much love a parent has for their child, until they become parents themselves.

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