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5 month old Aanand’s achievements

Awake, arise and stop not till your goal is reached said swami Vivekananda. Our dear son Aanand Vivek adheres to this rule :)   Yes, we admire and appreciate his “Try and win” attitude. For the past one week, our son was trying hard to stand! Finally he stood up. He stood up all by himself without our help. He caught the rails of the crib, gave a thrust, lifted his body and there he was…standing upright smiling at us :) We were so happy to see our boy’s achievement!

Apr 11: (5 months 28 days old) Aanand has figured out how to stand.

Skandhu holding the crib and standing up

Skandhu holding the crib and standing up

Mommy’s tip: Here is an activity that parents can do to help their babies grow strong. From the start of 5th month, we have been following this activity as suggested by our Ped.

Hold the baby from their arm pit. Make them stand. Babies would slowly try to take their weight on their knees and this activity would gradually strengthen their calf muscles, knees and help them stand with ease.

Apr 10: (5 months 27 days old) Kuttu “kneeled down” in his crib. We were sure that he would stand within few days. He did surprise us by standing up the next day itself :D

Skandhu in Kneel down posture

Skandhu in Kneel down posture

Mar 31: (5 months 17 days old) Pappu sat very well. He first sat on Mar 29th. But couldn’t hold for long. He was practising the art of sitting for 2-3 days and finally he made it! Now pappu sits without bobbing!

Skandhu sitting

Skandhu sitting

Skandhu has learnt to crawl very fast. These days he comes out of his “territory” (he he play-mat) and is curious to explore the world around him. Yesterday Skandhu crossed the living room and entered the kitchen!

We have two big windows in our living room which gives ample sunlight. Skandhu was playing near the window and I closed the blinds to avoid light falling directly on his face. I was surprised to see that as I was closing the blinds, Skandhu looked at the blinds coming down and the its shadow on the floor. Wow!! babies learn so much from these type of “cause and effect” games.

Skandhu is turning 6 months old tomorrow…yay!! More fun and more “Kodi” :P

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