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Aanand is 5 months old now!!!

Dear son Aanand is five months old now. He is keeping us busy 24X7 :) Aaja and Aaji have left to India. Skandhu was searching for them for couple of days. Every time I took him to AajaAaji’s room (Guest room), his eyes would start searching. He would keep on turning to see if there are anyone else.. Now he has almost forgotten them (he he). After his 4th month shots, pappu become so cranky! Thankfully he was back to normal within a week.

Skandha has discovered the art of scratching…(s you heard it right.. :D )  He scratches our hands, his toys and what not? He stares at his fingers and starts counting them (he he yes skandhu does the counting action… don know what he think while he does that!!)

We had our 5th month doc visit. Pappu is doing great (yay!! touchwood) This little guy amused the doctor with his cute curious gestures. Skandhu was pulling stethoscope, flash light, papers and was smiling at doctor and his Ped has named him “Party Guy”!! :)

We made him lie on the bed for usual check ups, within a sec… he flipped and came to crawling position. Skandhu is slowly becoming a crawdler… mmm.. more work for mommy!! His Ped said that usually babies start crawling only after 7 months. But our little one would start crawling very soon!! Me and dear hubby were on cloud nine :) Our little boy is growing up really fast and making us feel proud! Doc cautioned us to start baby proofing the house. (Oh s.. we have already started doing that….)

The other day we went to library. I was busy hunting books while bapa and beta were reading a book. “aaaa…aaa…aa..uu…uuuu…” wondering was tat??? Skandhu was singing in the library :D “SSShhhh… this is library you shouldn’t make noise here” said bapa. “AAAAAAA…AAAA…UUUU….UUUUUU” pappu started singing loudly… every time bapa asked him to stop, pappu would raise his voice!! People there smiled at this cutie, he smiled back and went on with his “aaaa…aaa…uuu…uuu…..”s. Everyone in the library enjoyed our baby Mozart’s tunes for free :)

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