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Baby Play Ideas

Here are some baby play ideas that I would like to share.

Playing with paper – crumpling/tearing or Exploring.
Age: 9-12 months



Shadow : Playing and trying to touch his shadow. Fascinated to see that his shadow follows him :) This activity is same as playing with flashlight in a dark room.
Age: 9 – 12 months.


Cardboard boxes : These are the cheapest toys that kids of all ages would love. Stacking the boxes, climbing on them, possibilities are endless.
Age: 6 months and up (babies that crawl/cruise around)

Climbing and exploring

Climbing and exploring

Follow the path: Help your baby to cruise around with colorful stickers.
Age: 8 months and up (or when the baby pulls himself up to standing position)

helping to cruise around - Sticker play

helping to cruise around – Sticker play

Simple sensory play: Water in the highchair tray. Kept our LO occupied for quite sometime! Fun to splish splash sploosh :)
Age: siting and up

Sensory play with water

Sensory play with water

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