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Skandha is 10 months old now!

Skandhu had his 10th month doctor visit and he is doing great! Skandhu walked independently and surprised his doctor! His doctor warned us that our little guy would start running  very soon!! We take him out for walks and he walks with his shoes on.

Our (yet to be) toddler’s naughtiness is increasing exponentially. Skandhu is now trying to reach the knob of the stove. Ah! we did find that there are covers for stove knob just like the covers for door knobs.

Mommy’s Tips: Here are the few tips to baby proof your kitchen.

  • Baby proof the kitchen cabinet and drawers by installing child proof locks.
  • Remove the dish washing and other hazardous liquids from the cabinet below the sink and keep them out of reach.
  • Do not place plastic kitchen bags in the lower cabinets.
  • Put child safe stove knob covers. (I guess this should be removed while using the oven to prevent it from melting away!)
  • Always try to cook in the rear burners.
  • While using the front burners, place the handles away from you so that the toddlers do not reach the handle of the pots/pans.
  • Do not keep any item at the edge of the counter.
  • Install child proof locks on refrigerator and on the oven.

Skandhu loves to see us open the fridge. He stretches himself to see what’s up there! The fridge that we have in the kitchen is a 3 (French) door with freezer in the bottom level. Skandhu has not yet tried to reach the top portion of the fridge! Can’t relax… his ingenious mind would figure it out shortly :)

The gates on the stairs are always locked. Else, Skandhu climbs the stairs and within no time he would be sitting on top of the stairs laughing at us and showing his 6 baby teeth!

Skandhu was going on trying to pull our network cord. Frustrated bapa made Skandhu sit in his toy basket. Skandhu positioned himself and sat comfortably, tapped the basket and enjoyed his TIME OUT :P After some time he  tactfully tilted the basket, lay down on his side and came out of it with a smiling face. This guy always reminds me the lyrics “Katta kaiyar illaye kanna unnai adikka manam vallaye”!!!

Skandhu’s favourite pass time is to chew the USB adapter (used to get internet on the go). Mother Yashodha saw the entire universe in lord Krishna’s mouth. Wat do I see in our naughty Krishna’s mouth? Entire World Wide Web :D

We play freeze-release game. I carry Skandhu, sing some silly song/rhymes/some music (la lala la la – what ever comes to mommy’s mind) and keep dancing/turning/rotating. Suddenly I would stay “freeze” and remain still for few seconds. Then say “release” and start again! Previously Skandhu used  to laugh, but now he has understood that we have to remain calm/should not move while amma says FREEZE! These days he slightly giggles and enjoys being still :) A lovely game with so much fun!

Mommy’s Tips: The freeze-release game helps toddlers to improve their balance. The act of remaining still without moving in different positions helps them to focus on the ability to balance themselves.

Skandhu crawled at 5.5 months, started his baby talk at 7.5 months, walked independently at 9.5 months! We have come through a long way in these 10 months.  I see my little bundle growing up as a toddler, exploring  things around him and becoming independent. But… He still remains as a new born in terms of his sleep!! Huh!! Skandhu’s disturbed sleep is our pet peeve these days!

Some days are good (its rare though!), Skandhu sleeps 5-6 hrs stretch. Some days are bad, he wakes up every three hrs! We do follow a night time routine. Bath, massage and feed – all these happens without any issues. What doesn’t happen is the sleep that follows  the routine :P We retire ourselves (putting aside all our works!), dim the light, sing lullabies… Skandhu keeps playing!

We sing the lullabies a zillion times before he dozes off. I sing “itsy bitsy spider” to put him to sleep. Bapa makes fun asking me to spare the poor itsy bitsy spider :D This is wat he sings (in tanjore marathi )

Itsy bitsy spider palatha noongela
Skandhu la pauntakum beenghunugela
Skandhu balevaltharin yeinamantakla
Itsy bitsy spider ujanda bored hongela

Jist of this jingle: Itsy bitsy spider is afraid of Skandhu as he is not sleeping and making his mom sing the rhyme repeatedly. The spider is tired of climbing the spout at least 100 times a day and hence it ran away and wouldn’t come again to meet Skandhu :D

Here is one more jingle that bapa sings – in the tune of the song “Germany’in senthen malare..” (all the hari’s out there kindly pardon us :) )

Palatine’antha eka veda hari
Joompijayale asa gaanjathoki
Joompi jaare kannappa….
Joompi jaare, joompi jare, joompi jaare kannappa!

Some babies would always be thinking about their next milestone/activities and hence have disturbed sleep. Guess Skandhu falls in this category! Some say that late night dinner would help. Tried that too – no use. Filling up the tank just before sleep may help but our LO never takes more than 3 oz at a stretch. Am I kidding? Nope! Skandhu still doesnt finish his 4 oz bottle completely. Mostly babies at this age would take 6-7 oz just before sleeping and this may help them to sleep through the night. Our boy would take 3 oz, throw away the bottle and doze off. Exactly after 3 hrs he would wake up for his next quota of fuel! Again drink 3 oz ( from his 4 oz bottle) and continue with his sleep. Ah… we lose our sleep and sit scratching our head at the wee hours wondering for whom did he leave the remaining one oz :D Hope (read pray) that he would start sleeping through the night in the near future.

Super active, Sleep less baby = Super tired (Zombie) parents!

Lack of continuous sleep makes us really tired and exhausted. The only way we remain sane is by keeping up humor in our lives. Dear hubby’s silly songs cracks me up and I enjoy them thoroughly. I would call them my stress busters :) Here is one more sample of hubby pie’s silly song – Old McDonald in tanjore marathi.

Old McDonald palatha noongela, Farm ala sontakun
They farmantha yeka gaaye hotha, they’in palatha noongela
They kota gela, they kasa gela
Kota gela, kasa gela,kaaye kela, kalna
Old McDonald palatha noongela, Farm ala sontakun

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  1. Skandhu walking with Boot on road is fantastic. Sitting in plastic bag is very amazing,i t Is not easy for ten month old child. Talattu pattu superb! God bless u three.

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