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Fine Motor Activity for Babies – Pom Pom Play

Here is a fine motor play that we have been playing since the twins turned 10 months old.

Inspired by many Montessori play, I choose to use to a glass bottle with small neck for this activity. Use a wider container till your kid develops good hand to eye coordination.

Here is Aadhu (pic taken at 11 months) picking up the pom-pom using the pincer grip and trying to push it into the bottle.




Observing the colors in the bottle. Dumping them and starting all over again!



This could go as long as he gets bored/distracted.

Though he doesn’t require my help in this activity, I do sit with him to encourage and to make sure that he doesn’t put the pom-poms in his mouth (different kind of sensory play!) or use the glass bottle as his banging toy ;)

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  1. Glass is the forbidden material;And with your parenting the “banging” is out of question! You learn while your children play! This is universal! Cheers! Ram Chan

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