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Outing at Wagner Farm!!

Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!

Skandha loves this song! We have been singing this song ever since LO was born! Bath time with splash plays, followed by massage and feeding – This is our night time routine. I sing songs while massaging just to keep Skandhu glued to his bed (else there is no way I can make him sit in a place) LO has amazing concentration! He reads my lips as I sing rhymes and loves to sing with me :) We sing lots of rhymes and old McDonald is one of his favourites!

This song helps in introducing farm animals – Babies learn what the barnyard animals say! Babies would love hear us sing moo-moo, neigh-neigh and quack-quack :)

We have 2 board books about the farm animals.

  • Barney’s Baby Farm Animals by Guy Davis
  • Who says quack quack by Jerry Smath

We read to Skandhu regularly and our LO turns the pages to look at the colourful photographic books of the adorable farm animals.

Mommy’s tip: I prefer to introduce the books that have pictures of real animals (like the books I have mentioned above) rather than the ones which have cartooned version of animals. Older kids may understand the cartooned picture and relate it to the real animals. But babies may not get a clear picture of what they are seeing.

We also have the Playtime songs (CD) – Baby Einstein series which has the old McDonald song. Not just playtime, this is also our meal time CD :) Thanks to this song, Skandhu gets mesmerised listening to it while I feed some extra scoops :P

Mommy’s tip: Do not introduce TV to small babies. TV/Computer at the meal time is a big NO-NO at our home. We play songs in the player, talk to Skandhu about what he is eating, how mommy prepared that etc… Luckily we dont have a TV in the main floor and hence TV has not yet interfered with our meal time… so far so good :)

Summer activities: Continued from Summer Fun series

Fun in the sun 5: We were thinking of taking Skandhu to farms to show him the barnyard animals. When we searched for a petting zoo, we got to know about the Wagner Farms located at Glenview IL. This working dairy farm is owned by Glenview park district.

Looking at hens - Wagner Farm
Looking at hens – Wagner Farm

There are hens, rooster, geese, herd of cows, farm cat and a couple of horses. We could not feed them (of course this  is not a petting zoo). We loved the area. A big farm with lots of shady trees, a little kitchen garden, farm animals and not to forget -  a lovely swing hanging from the trees. If weather is good, kids can have a blast at the outdoors!

There is not much space indoors. Kids get a hands-on experience in milking a cow. Yes!! there is a fake cow. Kids can enjoy milking the cow and master the art :) Well at least they get to know that milk comes from cow and not from the fridge :D

Looking at cows
Looking at cows

The good thing about this place is that it is close to the busy city of Chicago. A calm and quiet space amidst the commercial hub. Everything is free here – free parking, free admission!! Kids can learn how to candle eggs, milk cows, feed the pigs etc via pretend play. Indoors are really clean. Restrooms do have diaper changing station (what a relief!)

Do not forget to pay your visit to Wagner farm sweet treats -the Ice cream shop :) The Ice cream is not only delicious but cheap too! Single dip sundae with M&M toppings for just $3 – look at the size of the cup!

On the whole we enjoyed visiting the Wagner Farms and love to visit again :)

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