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Skandha at 11 months!

Last weekend was miserable. Skandha had a bad bad cold and cough. Thankfully NO fever. He refused to eat and sleep. He was hyper and clingy!! Ah…. this is the first time he has got such bad cold. Poor baby, he felt uneasy and made our life miserable too…!!! Blame the fall weather!

We consulted our paediatrician and he said that there is nothing to fuss about the common cold. Baby’s body would fight against it. We took Skandhu for walks and let him play outdoors.  Must admit, being outdoors (dressed up according to the weather) brought in a ton of change. Skandhu is a lot better now :) Cold hasn’t left yet… but otherwise clingy’ness has reduced.

Skandhu loved walking on the leaves. He stomped the dry leaves and  enjoyed the crushing sound :)

We let him touch, feel and play with the leaves. This is a good way of improving baby’s sensory skills.

Mommy’s Tips: LO has cold? Dont know what to do? Read the following tips suggested by our PED:

  • Do not worry about the cold and cough as long as there is no fever.
  • If temperature exceeds 100F seek medical help.
  • Babies until 18 months old would not be given any medication for cold alone. Baby’s body would fight against the germs.
  • Some kids may lose appetite and some may throw out what they take. This is quite normal.
  • Keep them hydrated with milk/formula and water.
  • Change of place would help a lot. Take them to a different place (shopping/indoor play area) or at least to other room in the house.
  • Try to distract them with toys and plays.

Should I just blame the weather alone? Nope… our little brat always finds a way to draw the germs towards him. How?? Well, I was so happy to see new stainless steel appliances when we bought our home (last year). I even got a stainless steel trash can, just to maintain an uniformity! Now what has this got to do with the germs? Ahhh…. our little hero loves to see himself on mirror. OK so??? He sees his reflection on all the stainless steel appliances, gets excited and licks/kisses his mirror image!!! Fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer and even the trash can gets a big hug and looots of Mmmuuahhh… :D

Is that all? Skandhu doesnt let his mommy rest in the restroom :P Comes running behind me and in the wink of an eye opens the commode… Phew…!! He opened  the pot and tried to reach the water.. YUCK!! Time to get a potty lock :)

I cant leave the pantry door ajar. Skandhu enjoys raiding my pantry ;)

We play with the stacking rings. Babies get the spatial knowledge through this game. Its a fact that boy’s have better spatial skills and hence to do well in Math.

We bought the stacking rings when Skandhu barely learnt to sit by himself. He has been seeing me stack the rings. At around 8 months, Skandhu pushed the stacking bar sideways and unstacked the rings by sliding them out :) How smart?!!

At around 10 months, he removed all the rings keeping the stacking bar upright. He even stacked the biggest ring!

Now at 11.5 months, Skandhu stacks 4 rings and removes them all :)

Playing with the stacking rings
Playing with the stacking rings

Fall is the harvest season and the season of holidays and enjoyment. We are celebrating this happy mood by enjoying outdoors :) We went to Cosley Zoo in Wheaton, IL. This is a cute little zoo with a few animals including farm animals, deer, lots of birds, reptiles, fox, coyote and many more. The admission fee is $3 and its open even in the winter! Kids would definitely enjoy this place.

Gobbert’s pumpkin farm is celebrating the pumpkin festival. There are lots of amusements – pony rides, wagon ride, petting zoo (don’t miss there is a giraffe too) and pig race! A nice way to spend Sunday afternoon with your family.

We attended the fall festival organized by our neighborhood. We had wagon rides, petting zoo and make-in crafts. We had a blast!

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