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Skandha had his Tonsure!!!

Skandhu had his head shaven!! Yay to Skandhu for being a gud boy while he had his tonsure. Skandhu sat on mommy for the most part. He was little nervous but we kept on distracting him with toys. We also sang his favourite rhymes and kept him smiling. When his stylist gave finishing touches near the forehead, Skandhu started crying and wouldn’t sit on mommy. Daddy made him sit on his lap and held him tight. The stylist finished the job within few minutes and praised our boy. She mentioned that usually kids cry a lot while having their first hair cut and our brave boy did better than most of the kids!!!

Kuttu looks very different after his tonsure :) He has more of boyish looks than baby looks!!

Skandhu’s naughtiness has increased a lot after his tonsure. Dear hubby was saying that usually kids get hyper after their tonsure. Babies would receive cuts while getting their head shaved and that may cause them to become cranky. Thanks to our stylist, she did a very neat job with no cuts at all!!  Well, the culprit may be TEETHING. Skandhu has 7 teeth now. Guess few more pearls are sprouting out :)

Skandhu is on a biting spree. We have received enough marks in our body! Oh yes, we definitely are very careful, still our LO knows how to fool us… uh! The other day, bapa was climbing  stairs holding Skandhu on his shoulders. Kuttu had just woke up from his nap and was still sleepy. Who would except a sleepy child to bite like a monster?? Ooouch….poor bapa, got a painful bite!!

Biting my watch

Biting my watch

Our little one has become a busy (read naughty) toddler! At around 6 months, Skandhu used to crawl and play with the ball. Now Skandhu walks (nopes runs) behind the ball chasing it :)

Skandhu playing with the ball

Trying to bounce the ball

Trying to throw the ball

We go for walks in the evening and Skandhu loves to walk with us :)

We enjoy going to play area. But ah….!!! Fall is kicking in… we are slowly feeling the dip in temperatures and it becomes chill in the evening. Few more days of outdoor fun…

Skandhu in the play area

Skandhu in the play area

Time for some KS (Knowledge Sharing) – Sharing what I have experienced & what I have learnt as a parent :)

Why do babies grind their teeth, bang their head and pull their hairs: Just before Skandhu turned 10 months old, he started making few weird gestures like – Grinding his teeth, banging his head, pulling his hairs. Being a first time mom, I was very much worried about these acts. I asked about it to our Ped during Skandhu’s 10 month doctor visit.

This is what my doctor said: All these behaviours are very very normal and  all babies do these. Its just a phase and very soon babies would stop doing such acts. At around 9-10 months, babies start to feel their body parts. So they would try to pull their hair, ears etc. They would get pleasure in banging their head against wall/furniture. It is just that they are getting to know about themselves. Its like… “hey I can do this…wow!!!”

What can we do: Make babies to sit away from wall. If they bang their head, just distract them with other toys. Give them teething rings to stop grinding their teeth. After almost a month, our LO has slowly stopped doing all the above mentioned acts :)

NOTE: Ear/hair pulling may be due to ear infection or teething too.

Where do we tonsure the baby in US: Most of the hair salons offer this service. We did ours at Kid snips and we loved it. I have also heard that great clips, hair cuttery do baby’s first hair cut.

We called Kidsnips to confirm if they do complete head shave (down to skin). We then booked an appointment at the nearest store. The staffs there were really kid-friendly and boy… there are looots of toys to play with :)

The stylist did a very nice job. They asked if we wanted to save the first hair. I had taken a zip-lock pouch to collect the hair. The staff finished the job in less than 15 mins. As soon as she was done, she gave a camera to take the snap of our LO.

We got a certificate, YES!! a certificate for the first hair cut :) It had Skandhu’s photo, his baby hair (saved in a small pouch) with the date and name of the stylist. For baby’s first hair cut (mottai/tonsure) in US, I would definitely recommend Kid snips… way to go!!!!

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