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Skandhu gets his ears pierced at 11 months!!!

Skandha has crossed the 11 month milestone and is eagerly awaiting for his 1st birthday, the day when he would have completed 1 revolution around the sun since being born. Time zips by and with that Skandhu’s activities are also changing a lot. He’s walking well now, almost beginning to run! He has switched to solid food almost completely, except for his formula supplement!! Ah… wat a great relief! No more puréeing the food :D

After his tonsure, his naughtiness has grown by leaps and bounds. He is more assertive these days, testing limits, beginning his temper tantrums and crying a lot if he doesn’t get his way. He’s also all into exploring and finding new things, playing with books and actually looking into the content inside. Nowadays he picks food in his hands, observes it and then eats it by putting into his mouth. When he doesn’t want to eat he forcefully pushes food away and shakes his head “NO”. He is becoming nimbler by the day :)

Playing with the toilet paper

Playing with the toilet paper

We have enrolled Skandha in the program Tot Rock conducted by Rock-It productions. Its all about music and beats. Kids along with their parents play rhythm instruments like tambourines, maracas, piano and enjoy the musical adventure. Our LO is the youngest participant, still he enjoys this class :)

Skandhu playing piano

Skandhu playing piano

As a part of our tradition, we got Skandha’s ears pierced last weekend. We did a lot of research into finding a good place, went to couple places and inquired about the whole piercing process, chose the ear rings that were to adorn our precious LO’s ears and in general geared up for the D day. Even with all the preparation we were in for a bit of shock!

We chose Claire’s for doing the ear piercing. The person who did the piercing walked us through the entire process in advance, got us to fill out some paperwork and gave us instructions on post piercing care. We then got ready for the piercing process itself and surprisingly it didn’t last more than a minute!! I held Skandhu on my lap and the piercing person marked the spot on both ears. Then the one time use and throw piercing guns were brought out and the ear studs mounted on both. Then with a big breath, as I held Skandhu tightly to make sure he couldn’t move and held his face by my chest, the piercing lady pierced his left ear in what felt like the prick of an injection. I could hear Skandhu beginning to cry out of shock and by the time he fully realized what was happening, I had turned his head around and got him into position for the other ear to be pierced as well. In under one minute, both his ears were pierced and before he knew it, everything was done. Skandhu even stopped crying immediately once he got over that initial shock and he seemed to be fine afterwards, so much so that we were patting ourselves on the back for a job well done. Little did we know what was in store for us!!!

After coming home our little one was fine, if a bit moody and refused to eat anything. That night he slept and when he woke up in the morning, he was very clingy. He would cry for no reason every now and then and cling on to his mommy. He wouldn’t let her out of his sight. He wouldn’t eat anything, just drink formula. He wouldn’t play, wouldn’t walk around the house, wouldn’t explore, wouldn’t do anything. He was literally stuck to his mommy. If we tried to move him he would cry. He also started developing a slight fever and was feeling miserable and also making us feel miserable.

Gone was the euphoria that we felt the previous night at things having gone smoothly. By that evening it was becoming a real hassle to keep him happy. His incessant crying, not eating anything, not allowing us to apply anti-septic liquid (to heal the piercing and prevent infection) and not sleeping compounded the issue on top of him having slight fever. Finally we were able to get him to sleep for some time and the misery started coming to an end. It took him a couple of days to come back to his old self. His fever also subsided and we got a break. It was a tough time for my wife as she took care of him during the day time as I had to come to the office. After this experience I really cannot imagine getting pierced the old fashioned way as the trauma on the child is too great. Even with a real quick and clean procedure it was traumatic for the little one!

Here are my suggestions if you are getting your infant/toddler’s ears pierced.

  1. Choose the best location that’s close to your home.
  2. Make sure to do it on a friday so that you have a couple days to adjust, or take a couple days off.
  3. Choose the piercing place carefully after doing a lot of research. Find out how the piercing is done and what precautions are taken.
  4. Make sure to choose the right ear ornament, one that’s not too thick and not too long.
  5. Get them pierced early. Between 5-9 months is ideal in my opinion as the infants can be handled better during those ages.
  6. In case of fever keep infant Tylenol or infant motrin handy and call a doctor if it ever gets over 100 F
  7. Be prepared for a couple days of misery and clinginess… can’t help it :)

Our LO is back to normal now and we’ve managed to apply the anti-septic to keep away infection. He looks cute with his ear-studs and everyone who sees him these days remarks about how cute he is :) It brings joy and pride to us to hear others say good things about him!

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  1. Dear Sri. Mohan,

    Had glimpses of Skandhu performing various activities typical of his age. As Ganu rightly put it parenting is really a fun especially that of a toddler.

    Thanks for the snaps and extensive writeup. I will show this to my parents and others at home.

    With Respects


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