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Aadhu & Aadhi are 2 Years old!!

Our twin boys – Aadhav & Aadith turned two years old on May 17th! They had their 24 months doctor visit and are doing great. We celebrated their b’day with a red velvet cake. Our boys tasted cake for the first time and instantly loved it :) Incase you are wondering why it’s their first time tasting cake, here is the answer – We didn’t give sugary snacks to our kids until they turned 2 yrs old.



We performed aayush homa/pooja at home. Priest from Rama temple Chicago, performed the pooja and blessed the kids. We visited Aurora Balaji and Rama Temple the following weekend.

At 2 years we see that our twins are becoming more independent, more verbal and more naughty (read troublesome). While Aadhu is all into alphabets, phonics and spelling, Aadhi is into numbers and physical play.

We notice that Aadhu does things just the way his elder brother Aanand did at 2 yrs. While Aadhu tries to imitate & follow his elder brother, Aadhi is a totally different personality. In a nut shell, so far Aadhu seems to be a go-getter like Aanand and Aadhi seems to be a laid back kind of person.

Summer has finally kicked in and we are heading outdoors quite often. Kids enjoy playing in the park and rolling in the lawn. Hoping to enjoy the sun and start the “fun in the sun” series again.

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