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Our dear son Aanand’s achievements

Here is my attempt of digitizing our dear boy’s achievements. The list would continue :)

Jan 28: (3 months 14 days old) Skandha rolled from his back to tummy and vice versa.

Jan 29: (3 months 15 days old) Dear son Aanand rotated 360 deg! We made  him lie in one direction, he kept on moving/turning and finally came back to his original position!

Jan 30: (3 months 16 days old) Pappu succeeded in putting his thumb in his mouth!! Aaahh.. he was trying for more than a week to do this task!

Feb 10: (3 months 27 days old) Kuttu pulled his toes. He caught his toes and started to pull them up. He looked like kutty Krishna (lord).

Aanand catching his toes

Aanand catching his toes

Feb 11: (3 months 28 days old) Skandhu has learnt something new… wats that?? Biting his lower lips!!!

Feb 12: (3 months 29 days old) Pappu accomplished the task of mountain climbing. We kept a boopy pillow in front of him and he crawled over it and passed the hurdle :) Making babies climb pillow would strengthen their shoulder and back muscles.

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing

Skandhu successfully accomplished the task of mountain (pillow) climbing :)

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing

Feb 13: (3 months 30 days old) Pappu started to crawl. He moved from one end of the bed to other (BTW we have a king bed in our MB). He wiggled his tiny body, pushed his legs and applied force on his head to propel forward.

Feb 14: (4 months old) Skandhu made a “U” turn in our bed. He crawled from one end of the bed, reached the other end, turned his hips, made a “U” turn and then started to crawl towards the start point :) It was so smart of him to turn without crying or fussing!

Feb 17: (4 months 3 days old) Kutty flipped in his crib and was playing with his mobile toys. He smiling to see the toys at a different angle..S he is no more lying below the mobile :D

Feb 20: (4 months 6 days old) Skandha started to make sounds to get our attention.

Feb 24: (4 months 11 days old) Kept his toes in his mouth!

Feb 27: (4 months 14 days old) We started giving solids to our dear son. We gave Oat meal and he enjoyed his lunch.

Mar 02: (4 months 17 days old) Skandha crossed our master bed in just 5 mins!! He passed his toy (keys) from one hand to other and vice versa. He has learnt to pass objects from one hand to the other.

Mar 03: (4 months 18 days old) Skandhu flipped from his left. He usually used to flip from his right side. Started to flip from either side.. yay!!

Mar 04: (4 months 19 days old) We were reading a book. Skandha turned the pages of the book. He loves looking at pictures.

Mar 12: (4 months 27 days old) Have succeeded in dropping his early morning feeding.

Mar 17: (5 months 3 days old) Pappu came to the authentic crawling position :D He is all set to move forward!

Crawling in the crib

Crawling in the crib

Mar 18: (5 months 4 days old) Dear son has started to pull the mobile toys. He positions himself in a comfy corner of the crib and then with great ease tries to pull the moving toys :) Smarty!!!

Catching the mobile toys

Catching the mobile toys

Mar 21: (5 months 7 days old) Pappu is becoming more and more mobile. This adorable dictator is keeping me very very busy!! :)

Peeping out of the bed

Peeping out of the bed

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