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Aanand at 6 and Twins at 2.5

Back to my blogging space after hiatus! Our elder son, Aanand turned 6 yrs old on October 14th and our twin boys turned 2.5 yrs old on November 17th.



We had planned a visit to Disney World, Orlando as a birthday gift to our elder one. We stayed at Disney art of animation, Cars resort and he loved it. It was a four days visit to Disney parks and boy, it was hectic! You can never get enough of Disney!

Aanand drew a bar graph which he calls his Disney like meter – Yay!! Magic Kingdom tops the list.



At 6 his favorites are as follows -

Color: Orange and Blue

Subject: Art and Social studies

He wants to be: For now he has decided to be a pilot and travel around the world. He also wants to design a car line. He read about Lamborghini and wants to be like him, designing cars!

Here are the list of names that he wants to brand his cars – from top luxury model to the more afforbale common version

Road Speeder (Race car version)
Volvine (Luxury car 1)
Vishvire (Luxury car 2)
Wirein (Luxury car 3)
Zenci (common model)

Not sure, if his passion for cars would continue but I found it very interesting to jot down the names and yes, they are copyrighted :)

Proudest moment of the year:
Aanand aced the test conducted by the school district and joined the public school almost 2 months before he turned 6. The public schools here have a strict rule of red shirting after the cut of date of September 1st. Aanand was 1.5 months shy of the cut of date and he had to take school district administered testing for early entrance to 1st grade.

Aanand is enjoying his winter break and that means more play (read fights ) with his twin brothers at home. As a parent, my holidays would start after the school reopens! :P

Twins are growing up very fast. Both can read books by themselves. They know the alphabets, numbers (1-100), can count, can read small words (thanks to their elder brother) and can even add (addition by 1)!!

Here is a clipping of Aadhu trying to carry of all his books. Did I mention we are a huge fan of Mo. Willems ?! :)

We are so proud that they are quite ready for preschool, err.. except that they are not fully potty trained yet ;P

This is that time of the year we are caught up with stomach bug! Not sure if it just us, but I see this visitor being very regular at our home for the holidays. Phew… what a mess it creates! We are all slowly recovering from the nasty bug and trying to brave the winter.

Hope to be more active here from next year. (Haha, I made the same resolution last year and the year before that!). Wishing everyone happy holidays and a bright 2016!

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