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Aanand is Four!!

Aanand turned 4 on 14th October 2013. This year our life has gotten so busy with our twin boys that we couldn’t plan birthday party for Aanand. Surprisingly he understood that very well! We didn’t want to disappoint him so we celebrated his 4th birthday with his preschool friends and teachers at school.

We took cupcakes, party hats and goody bags for the kids. After a small prayer, we sang the birthday song for our dear boy and then the kids enjoyed cupcakes and snacks. It was a small yet happy party for us :)

We are really proud of you dear son! Wishing you loads of happiness and success through out your life.

Aanand is a great lyricist ;) My lil musician adds his OWN words to any catchy song/tune and calls it his silly song. He has learnt a rhyme about weather at school which goes like this -

Sunny sunny sunny sunny, it is sunny thank you god,

S-u-n-n-y it is sunny thank you god. (repeat for all seasons)

Our young man changed the words, made a song and dedicated it for ME! I was super elated to hear it. He used “amma” (Mommy) instead of sunny and thanked god for giving his mom ;)

Honestly its me who should thank god giving me my darling son(s) and a beautiful family. Thank you Lord.

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  1. Sooooooooo sweet Skandhu.

  2. I missed seeing updates from you! Belated birthday wishes and amazing how grown-up 4 year olds are – aren’t they?

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