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Aanand turns (big) 5!!

Aanand turned five years old on 14th October. Cant believe my baby is 5 now! :) We had a party at school with his friends and teachers and he enjoyed very well.

Aanand is in Jr K now and doing very well at school. He is been going to swimming classes for 3 years now and enjoys swimming. Big A is all into building things. I admire his imagination, his Lego creations are above and beyond his age! We had his 5th year doctor visit and our young man is doing great.

At big 5 Aanand can -

  • Read simple words and sentences
  • Do simple addition/subtraction
  • Ride bike without training wheels
  • enjoy riding his scooter

At 5 we are working on :P -

  • Its OK to fail/lose. I always feel that this is a life skill and am trying my best to make him understand that we should take it easy if we fail. Not able to build a Lego sculpture doesn’t make him a bad architect. We are trying to teach him that he should be proud of his achievement and keep trying for more without feeling bad about the failures…. I know it would take some time before he understands that :)
  • Playing peacefully with younger brothers and not being mean to them…
  • Monsters and ghost are imaginary!

Proudest moment – Summer of 2014 when our little (not so lil) boy learned to ride his bike without training wheels. At 4 years and 9 months, he could ride his bike without training wheels and it took only ONE week for him to learn the skill!!

After reading many articles on the net and getting inputs from various mommy bloggers, we decided to remove the training wheels and the pedal. We made his bike as a “balance bike”. Balance bike does not have pedal. The seat is lowered so that the kid can touch the ground while being seated. The idea is to get control of handle bar.

balance bike

balance bike

Since Aanand knew how to ride bike with training wheels on, it was easy for him to use the balance bike. We used the balance bike for 5-10 mins every day for one week. By 6th day, he asked us to fix the pedals as he can control the handle bar without any issues. So we fixed the pedal (sans the training wheel) and woohoo…. he started flying in his bike :)

I couldnt find the video of Aanand riding his bike that we took in Summer, but here is one that I captured recently

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