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Happy New Year – 2014!

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2014 :)

We rang in the new year with 2 “S” – Snowfall and Stomach bug! Our 7 months old is sick with stomach flu and the winter storm has kept us snowed in. Phew lots of snow and diapers to change… oh well!

Have you made any resolutions? I have made one. This year my focus is to slow down and that includes – Believe that am doing more than good enough, back up myself, stop blaming me for everything and avoid guilt trips . I know being a mom of twins and having 3 kids under 5, its quiet difficult to keep sane always. There are good and bad days, but all days end with tired eyes and sore body! So this year am planning to take it easy and keep saying the most powerful mantra – THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Here is Skandhu’s (4 years and 2 months) new year (e) greetings to all his well wishers.


Guess what the above pic is? Its our family portrait/caricature by Skandhu. We are pretending to be Coffee cup people and yeah we call ourselves – THE HAPPY FAMILY ;)

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  1. Hi Skandhu /Aanand,
    Thank you very much for your New Year Greetings message 2014 to Aja,And Aji written with your Hands Your hand writing is very good.Keep it Up.We reciprocate the same and convey our Best wishes to you ,& your dear parents.
    We are very happy to see your 5 coffee cup drawing of your very Happy Family with Happy Faces.God Bless you and your Family with All The Best in Life.

    Please pray to God every day. we heard the vittala Panduranga Bhajan in the TV in the MARGAZI MUSIC CONCERT and remembered you very much Nice to see you are playing with your cute little brothers Chinnu and Puttu. We are very much happy to see you, chinnu crawling fast and heard your voices, and enjoyed very much.
    Hope you are enjoying the Snow.
    We Pray to God every day for our family’s welfare. Help your parents and enjoy your life with your cute brothers CHINNU AND PUTTU.
    Aja &Aji.

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