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Our 2 year old budding musician!

Our 2 year old loves to sing. Whether it is rhymes or film songs or bhajans, Skandhu keeps humming the music! When he was 1.5 yrs old I started teaching him the basics of carnatic (Indian classical) music. We were amazed to see him sing sarali varisai and janta varisai with great ease. Then I introduced simple bhajans and shlokas which he learnt very well.

To nurture his talent in singing I have been teaching simple swaras and kirthis. Observing his talent of reciting swaras, I thought of teaching him a simple swarajathi. Honestly swarajathi is taught just before varnam (highest level in carnatic music)!!  With just 2 days of practice Skandhu learnt to sing the famous “rara venu gopala” swarajathi. This video was recorded on  April 16th 2012 (30 months and 2 days old).

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Here is how it goes:


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

S , r G P D S N D | P d p m g r s r s n d S ; ||

Raa-raa Venu gopa Baala Raa jita Sad-guna Jaya Shee- la-


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

S , r G P M , g P D | R , s N , d P , m G , r ||

Saa-ra saa ksha Ne-ra Me mi Maa-ru baa-ri Ko-rva le-raa

Skandhu loves to doodle as well. I have taken numerous snaps of his doodle art work. I better compile and put them up here!

Below is a sample of his latest art work. “Small car and Big car”. As far as I have noticed, LO shows great interest in drawing car/train/airplane!

Skandhu's art

Skandhu's art

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