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Our 21 month toddler activities!

Our 21 months smarty is busy learning words and trying to form sentences! Skandhu has more than 130 words in his vocab! We teach him both Marathi (Indian Language) and English. He remembers every word in both the languages :)

Here are the audio clippings that we recorded almost 2 weeks ago (21 months and 14 days old)

Skandhu reciting numbers:

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Skandhu relating words with alphabets:

Skandhu loves to watch Barney, Caillou and Elmo TV shows. He knows almost all the characters in these shows. Barney and Elmo are his favorite :)

Skandhu imitates everything that we do/say. Every time Skandhu helps me (like picking up toys, helping me do laundry etc), he promptly says “Thank you” ;) I thank him for every help he does, so Skandhu thinks that he must also say “thank you” irrespective of whos helping whom :)

Skandhu's antics

Skandhu's antics

Skandhu knows difference between “open and close”, “on and off” etc. The good part is he tries to understand what it means. We were playing in the deck and I showed him how the sliding door “opens” and “closes”. We later applied this concept of “open and close” while reading a book. Slowly he understood the meaning of open and close! Like wise we also play “on and off” game with celing fan, light etc.

Skandhu had his haircut. Nothing new, he has his haircut once in every two months. The proud part is he never cries! Thanks to Kidsnips, Skandhu enjoys car shaped seats, videos and the complimentary balloon and toys! This time he was glued to “Elmo” video and his stylist finished the job very quickly. She appreciated Skandhu and said that its very rare to find a 1.75 yrs old getting his haircut without making any fuss! Boy our face was filled with joy and pride! :)

Skandhu at the hair cuttery

Skandhu at the hair cuttery

Terrible twos has already begun! Skandhu wants to do everything “his” way.

The other day, Skandhu wanted to play in the deck. It was drizzling and I had to say NO. But Skandhu didn’t listen. After all cries and cajoling, I had to let him play out! He loved to taste the rain drops and play in the rain :)

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